5 Binge-Worthy TV Shows on Amazon Prime

5 Binge-worthy shows to watch on amazon

Being an Amazon Prime customer gives you lots of perks one of the best being Prime TV. Looking for a new TV series to get stuck into? Got a few hours spare and want a show with lots of episodes to binge-watch? Don’t worry I have selected 5 of the best shows available to watch for free with your prime membership.

I’m an avid binge-watcher of TV Shows and although not the reason I signed up to Amazon Prime (mostly for the prime delivery) it’s become one of my most used streaming services. I’m slightly addicted so much so I even have two Amazon fire sticks. I dread to think how many hours I have spent watching so many different series. So to stop you having to spend ages searching for your next must watch show or feeling that empty feeling once your shows finish, I’ve completed a list of 5 of the shows I have enjoyed most though Amazon Prime.


Black Sails TV Show

Black Sails

Binge Time  Series 1 – 4, 38 episodes lasting 45-65 minutes each.

Genre Adventure/Period Drama/Action

IMDb rating 8.3/10

Whats it about? A chronicle of the adventures of a pirate captain, his shipmates and his rivals in the early 18th-century Caribbean. The series is a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” and is set 20 years before the events depicted in that literary classic.

Why I rate it – Pirates, Pirates, Piratesssss!!! Did I mention this is all about pirates lol! I love period based TV Shows, They are an amazing way to escape to a totally different world. One great thing about this show is although fictional they have included real historical characters. I also really enjoyed that we get to see a back story to a fictional character that I already knew.  With lots of action, swash buckling and intrigue this is a great show, with underlying stories of betrayal and loss. There is eye candy galore in this Show no matter what your sexual preference! A worthy thing to note is that it can be quite sexy so might want to give watching with your Nan a miss!


Vikings TV Show


Binge time Series 1-5 still ongoing. 59 episodes so far lasting 60mins each.

Genre Action/Period Drama

IMDb rating 8.6/10

What’s it about? Inspired by the Danish/ Swedish Sagas, Following the legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, his family, friends and descendants. Disillusioned with his current life as a farmer we see him pursuing his dreams to become more. Fighting against the odds to become one of the most feared men in England and France.

Why I rate it – I can’t recommend this series enough! If you like Game of Thrones you’ll love this. Although unlike GOT the story is focused on one family the Lothbroks, which I personally love, you form strong connections with the characters and become deeply invested in their stories.  You won’t find dragons yet there is “magic” in the form of old pagan based rituals. Lots of the story lines are loosely based on the Historical Viking Sagas as well as giving us a look into some of the culture of Viking life. Although like with most historical dramas do take what you see with a pinch of salt. The show can be quite graphic and gory in places which is worth noting if you don’t have a strong stomach. Overall this is one of my all time favourite TV series with powerful women characters and lots of action as well as the trials and torments you would expect from a drama.


Lucifer TV Show


Binge time  Series 1 – 3 ongoing. 55 episodes lasting roughly 45mins each.

Genre Fantasy/crime drama

IMDb rating 8.2/10

What its about? Based on the DC comic’s Lucifer. This series follows the capers of  the devil, Lucifer Morningstar. Fed up with ruling over hell, he takes an early retirement to move to LA. After opening a nightclub Lux he becomes involved in a police case which in turns leads to him working as a consultant for the LAPD.

Why I rate it – An easy and fun watch, this series is filled with humour. Each episode features a new crime/mystery to solve which is fun and means you can easily dip in and out without forgetting any major points to the plot.  The main focus of the series though is Lucifer’s relationship with Detective Chloe Decker who seems unaffected by the devils wit and charms, making for lots of laughs from this crime fighting duo. Great for an entertaining and funny watch.


Outlander TV Show


Binge time Series 1 – 3 ongoing. 42 episodes lasting roughly 60 mins each.

Genre  Fantasy/Period drama/Romance

IMDb rating 8.5/10

What its about? A married world war II nurse Claire, unwittingly time travels to 1700 Scotland, where she finds herself locked in a love affair with Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the midst of the Jacobean uprising. This leaves her torn between two men and two vastly different lives.

Why I rate it – Romance filled plus a more mature female lead, this is a series I can’t get enough of. I adore strong willed female heroines and Claire’s character fits this perfectly.  The series does touch upon much darker topics such as sexual violence and rape. There is also themes of war, oppression and lots of sex. Which might not be to everyone’s taste but really does add depth to the story. I really enjoy seeing headstrong Claire try to deal with her feelings and trying to fit into a different time where roles for women where starkly contrasting to her former life. Plus who doesn’t like seeing hunks in kilts lol.


Man in the high castle TV Show

The Man in the High Castle

Binge time Series 1-2 ongoing. 20 episodes lasting roughly 50 mins each.

Genre Alternative History/Dystopia/Thriller

IMDb rating 8.1/10

What its about?  Based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick.  Set in America after the Allies lost the second world war. America has been divided between the Japanese and the Germans. Resulting in two states the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States, separated by the neutral zone. The Series follows the story of a group of characters that find a mysterious series of recordings showing things that could hold the key to their freedom.

Why I rate it – This series has such a lot in it, jam packed with conspiracies, a love affairs, friendship and so much more. It has recurring themes of intolerance, racism and oppression. It is a snapshot of the human condition both good and bad. We get a glimpse of how people cling to the hope of a better life, resisting what has become the norm. While others will do anything in the name of power and sustain the status quo. With amazing graphics and a gripping plot, this is a series for anyone that likes to imagine what if scenarios and thrilling edge of your seat watching.


So there you have it, these are my top picks of the best shows to get into on Amazon Prime. Have you watched any of the series I’ve mentioned? Which of these do you like the sound of? What TV shows are you loving? I’d love to know all your thoughts.