New Beginnings, New Blog and New … BIG NEWS


New Beginnings

Wooo hooo I’m so excited to finally be able to announce my new blog Lauratrends. It’s been over a year since I last blogged. I was growing increasingly unsure about the direction my blog was headed. I was enjoying writing about a wider variety of topics but didn’t think it fit the feel of TFP! That and the fact I had a rough 2016 mental health wise, I decided to take a break for 2017. Focusing myself and deciding what I wanted to do with not only the blog but my life. Dave and I had a brief conscious uncoupling lol. Which was also a big change after being together for 8 years and I really felt I needed sometime for myself. Happily we decided we did want to be together and create a future  with each other. I did really miss blogging and being part of the blogging community. So once I was feeling happier and back on track I decided to make a comeback lol.

New Blog

After much deliberation I decided that changing the blogs name to something less hair/beauty related would match my desire to blog about a wider range of subjects. From the home, lifestyle to current affairs. Of course I will still be blogging about all things beauty etc but I feel having a free rein will give me much more creative freedom.
The amazing Gemma from gemmaetc came up with the name lauratrends – a play on twitters trending section and the fact I want to blog about the latest trends be it in fashion or food.

New Baby!!!

Lastly my biggest bit of news is …. Dave and I are going to become parents! Yep I’m going to be a Mummy! We are both thrilled about having our first child. The baby is due in July and I have already had two scans. One at 9 weeks and my 12 week scan. All is looking well so far although I’m still not feeling too great. It’s a really exciting time and I will no doubt be posting updates regularly both here and on social media so stay tuned for baby spam lol.

Thank you for all your well wishes while I have been gone as well as sticking around and still following. All your support has meant the world to me. If your new then hi and please stick around! I’m really elated to share this new chapter with you all.

Lots of Love,

Laura x