Panasonic slow juicer – Dessert off!

Panasonic have just released their brand new slow juicer, the MJ- L500. A compact and sleek looking machine that takes the hassle out of juicing. Producing nutritious and delicious beverages in mere minutes. It also comes with a frozen attachment meaning you can also create fresh frozen sorbets and frozen yogurt desserts.

I was lucky enough to receive one to try out which is brilliant news as I plan on doing a juice cleanse in a few weeks,which I will be blogging about soon. Before I get stuck into my juice detox. I thought I’d get Mum and Dave to join me and have some fun creating some frozen summer treats. 

We decided we would each create our own unique recipe, make them ourselves and decide the winner! We had a lot of laughs and things did get a little competitive with Mum and Dave. Mum ended up keeping her planned deSsert strictly underwraps as Dave kept threatening to copy her lol 
So here is what we came up with!
Dessert Number 1 – Nut enough

A frozen creamy dessert. Created with almond flavour soya yogurt, yummy frozen banana, smooth peanut butter. Not to mention chia seeds and ground almonds, with an added dash of Manuka honey. A great ice cream substitute with lots of added healthy components. Perfect for the health conscious.

Dessert Number 2 – Caribbean Calypso
Panasonic - Slow Juicer - Frozen dessert - Healthy dessert - Alcoholic desert -review - contest

A smooth Caribbean inspired frozen dessert. The ideal accompaniment for a hot summers evening. With a base of fresh natural yogurt and coconut milk. Alongside a blend of juicy pineapple chunks with a generous helping of White Rum to get the party started.

Dessert Number 3 – Wimbleberry Fizz

A zingy strawberry and Prosecco sorbet. Created with a punnent of fresh strawberries
with a few glugs of prosecco and a tad of caster sugar to enhance the fizz. A fitting dessert for the British summer, whilst watching the tennis.
Once we had all enjoyed tasting each other’s desserts although we all preferred our own. (Not that anyone was biased lol) Do let me know which you think looks and sounds the tastiest!

I’m over the moon with this juicer, it’s perfect for creating healthy juices and desserts. I have been creating lots of gorgeous drinks since I have got it even getting my nan involved in making a juice. The machine itself was super easy to assemble and really compact so takes up little to no counter space. It was much quieter than I imagined and I love the fact that slow juicing process squeezes extra juice and nutrients out of all the ingredients. The cleaning process wasn’t even as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. This will without doubt be getting a lot of use and I can also see it becoming a staple at family gatherings for making chilled cocktails and after dinner treats!

Which Dessert would you choose as your winner? What sort of dessert would you make with the juicer? Have you ever tried juicing or a juice diet.  Let me know your thoughts by commenting below 
Lots of Love,
Laura x