Love Me Beauty Bag!

Love Me Beauty subscription service is without doubt one of the best in my opinion. I love how you can pick and choose what you receive by spending your points on each product or have a total surprise.  They always have a good mix of newer brands and trusted favourites which is great. I also adore that they now sent you your goodies in little make up bags that vary in design each month! They are super cute as well as really handy.

So lets jump into what I received in my make up bag.

PopBand – Hair tie

Popbands are delicious soft, stretchy ‘no dent’ hair ties that hold ponytails up tight, but still leave hair fresh and kink-free when you take it down! Plus they won’t rip or damage hair like regular hair bands. When you’re not using your Popband to hold up your hair, wear it on your wrist as a super-cute bracelet.

Kind on your hair, cute on your wrist – Popbands are the fashion accessories you won’t be able to resist. You’ll never look at your old bobbles or scrunchies in the same way again!

These are the only hairbands I use nowadays they are much less damaging than normal hair ties. So I was over the moon at receiving another to add to my collection. Plus I really like the gorgeous soft pastel golden shade.

Tangle teezer – Professional detangling hairbrush

The multi award winning Original Tangle Teezer in the shade Blueberry Pop is the ultimate detangling hair brush, a revolution in hair care!
Banish tangles and knots with a minimum of fuss, breakage or damage with the Tangle Teezer detangling brush uniquely designed with teeth that glide through your hair leaving it soft and shiny without tugging and pulling.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. I have been meaning to pick up a tangle teezer for ages. Due to all the constant bleaching and colouring my hair has been left quite damaged so anything that can help reduce any breakage is great. I have been using this since I first received it and I have noticed my hair isn’t snapping nearly as much as before.

Nails Inc – mini nail polish in Belsize Lane

Super glossy, long lasting, intense colour. With a new expertly design brush exclusive to Nails inc, polish can be applied easily to create a flawless finish. Ergonomically designed to work with the shape of the nail, the brush is also wide and flat to minimise the number of strokes required.

This gorgeous little nail polish is from NailsInc is from the Power pastel collection. I love pastel shades and this cool mint shade is perfect for the summer months. I cant wait to pop this on my toes.

Nuxe – Gentle Exfoliating Gel

This Exfoliating Facial Gel with Rose Petals gently exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells. A gel texture with gentle exfoliating grains to reveal refined skin. Leaves skin soft and clear, and more radiant than ever.

Nuxe products are always a winner, they always leave my skin really soft and nourished. I haven’t used this before but I have really high hopes for this. I tend to exfoliate my face at least once a week but find some exfoliators can leave my skin quite sensitive so this gel gentle gel formula sound great. 

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Cailyn – Pure Lust Extreme Matte tint in 6

CAILYN Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint creates a vivid explosion of color on lips with continuous coverage that lasts! A unique infusion delivers a waterproof, non-sticky, matte finish in a single stroke for chic lips. Available in 24 addicting shades.

I am rather hesitant when using matte lipsticks as they can be drying. However I have tried a Cailyn matte lip colour before and it wasn’t as drying as others I have tried. The shade is a gorgeous warm dusty peach nude which is a shade I am really drawn to, so I will definitely be giving this a go.

Lord & Berry – Seta Eyeshadow in Victoria

This highly-pigmented pressed eyeshadow is Lord & Berry’s classic staple eye colour. Its silky formula glides on smoothly and blends easily. Perfect for creating both a sheer glaze of colour or a hi-definition richer, darker look.

I have quite a few Lord & Berry products and have always been really impressed by their high quality formulas and sleek packaging. This eyeshadow is in the shade Victoria and is a gorgeous moss shade with a fine gold glitter. It is really pigmented yet blends beautifully, perfect for creating an evening look.

Trilogy – Rosehip Cream Cleanser, Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, Vital Moisturising Cream.

Discover the power of certified organic rosehip oil to bring you healthy, radiant skin. Trilogy rosehip oil products are renowned for their performance due our insistence on using only the best rosehip oil and our unique antioxidant complex, Rosapene™. Packed with essential fatty acids from rosehip and cranberry to nourish and moisturise, Rosapene™ is rich in antioxidants lycopene, from tomato, and phytosterol, from acai, help prevent free radical damage. Suitable for all skin types, our Trilogy rosehip oil product range is a great place to start your natural skincare experience.
These came in their own little bag with hello gorgeous written across it,which I thought was a really sweet touch. These would also be great for taking away with you as you have all you need all together.
I haven’t Trilogy before but I have heard amazing things about rosehip oil so I cant wait to give these a go.

Love me Beauty - beauty box - Trilogy - Rosehip oil - Lord & berry - seta eyeshadow - tangle teezer - popband - nuxe - gel exfoliator - nails inc - cailyn - liquid lipstick - review - swatches

Valeur Absolue – perfume in Confiance

Valeur Absolue, where the delicate art of high-end perfumery meets aromachology and neuro-cosmetics. We design our perfumes (or elixirs of well-being) to enhance emotions in a woman’s life.
The addition of carefully chosen essential oils and trace elements help cause the body’s natural release of beta-endorphins, also known as “the feel-good molecule”.
Hand made in the South of France, each bottle visibly contains semi-precious stones which enhance the richness of the formula and embody each perfume’s emotion.
Confiance is an intense and comforting perfume, built around an enveloping and tender vanilla, which, together with the other extracts weaves a refined, elegant and addictive fragrance.

Another surprise as you don’t normally get such big perfume samples if at all in beauty boxes. The concept behind Valeur Absolue is really interesting, I really do believe in power of scents. The scent Confiance is meant to help restore balance, increase your sense of wellbeing and promote self confidence. I suffer really severely with anxiety, so I’m really intrigued to see if this helps at all. The scent itself is stunning and a little goes along way.

I’m honestly blown away by the amount of products I received especially as they have some really renowned and loved brands. Its also such a good mix of skincare, hair products and make up. Plus I can’t not mention the gorgeous bag it all comes in! What more could you want!
Have you tried any of these products? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? what product would you most like to give a go? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x