The art of smiling – Q+A Botox for a gummy smile

If you have read my post from a few weeks ago (if not its here) you will know I recently had Botox and lip fillers. In my previous post, I discussed why I wanted to change my smile and shared my Botox before and after pictures. In todays post I thought I would share what the experience of getting Botox was like and answer some questions about the procedure. I’m talking about the two procedures, I have had separately ,as I didn’t have them on the same day and are both different. I will be discussing my lip filler experience in my next post.

Firstly I know everyone bangs on about it but if you are looking to get your any sort of injectable,it is so important to find a professional who has experience in whatever procedure your undergoing. I can’t stress this enough .Its your face, you cant hide it. So I really would urge you to go to a Doctor or nurse. Not only is there less chance of it going wrong but they are trained medically so if god forbid anything did happen they know how to deal with the situation and correct it.

My Botox treatment was carried out by Dr Sophie Shotter at Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kent. After a long discussion about what I wanted and what my expectations were. I felt we were on the same wavelength straight away and was impressed by her in depth knowledge of facial injectables. I without doubt felt I was in safe hands.

I have received lots of questions about the actual procedure and what it involves. So I thought I would answer them below.

Questions and Answers –

Where do you get injections to help reduce a gummy smile?
A common misconception is that you receive the Botox in your lips so many people where confused as to why I had the injections near my nose. Yet this is where the muscles responsible for lifting up the lip are the placed.

How does it work?
Botox (Botulinum toxin) works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses in the injected muscles. Therefore reducing the movement in the muscle. In gummy smiles it reduces the amount your lip is lifted when smiling, exposing less gum.

What happens in the procedure? How long does it take?
To be honest it was over in a flash. I went into the treatment room and Dr Sophie cleansed the area. Warned me that it may sting as the area is very sensitive. Then I received two injections one either side of the bottom of my nose. The procedure itself took no more than two minutes. Then the Dr checked I was ok and I was done!

Is it painful?
This is quite a delicate area yet I wouldn’t say it was painful, it was more of an quick sting. My eyes did water but was no more painful than any other injection. I didn’t have any pain after the injections either. I would say it was 2/10 pain wise.

Are the results instant?
The results aren’t instant but you should notice results after 4 days. After 2 weeks the full results will be achieved. I noticed the difference around 5 days after treatment.

Is it permanent?  How Long does it last?
Botox isn’t permanent and the duration it lasts varies. Each persons body breaks down the Botox at a different rate. However the results tend to last between 3-5 months

What are the side effects?
You may experience discomfort, bruising or swelling in the treatment area. You may also get a headache from the injections. In rare cases people are allergic to Botox but this is extremely rare. However I didn’t experience any side effects. This is another reason to go to a professional so you can seek advice if you suffer any irregular side effects.

How much does it cost?
Prices vary between clinics but on average are around £200 for one area. Some places do offer Botox for less however they may be using a lower quality of Botox. so its worth remembering results wont be as good or last as long. At Illuminate Skin clinic you can also get a small top up free of charge if needed at your 2 week check up ,which is brilliant.

Botox Aftercare Tips

– Always follow any aftercare advice given by your physician.
– Do not lie down flat for 4 hours after treatment.
– Avoid rubbing or massaging the area that has been treated for 2 weeks – this includes facials.
– Avoid bending forward for prolonged periods of time.
– Aspirin, Ibuprofen and alcohol should all be avoided for 24 hours after treatment as this can increase bruising.
– Avoid intense exercise, saunas, steam rooms and sunbathing for at least 48 hours after treatment.
– If you have any concerns get in contact with your physician.

I really hoped this helped answer some of your questions about Botox and getting Botox to reduce a gummy smile. If you are interesting in getting Botox yourself and want to know more check out Illuminate Skin Clinic which has lots of helpful information. Or if you are in the South East and looking at injectables or other treatments, I cant recommend Illuminate Skin Clinic highly enough.

Have you ever had Botox? Would you consider it? Do you suffer with a gummy smile? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x