How to make the most of your face masks

A lot of us use a facemask either just as an occasional treat or as part of your regular  routine. Yet facemasks are a brilliant way of instantly improving the look of your skin. Today I’m sharing some vital tips to help you make the most of your face mask and see the best results.

Time to get steamy – Steaming your face before hand is a brilliant way of loosening up dirt and blocked pores. Helping the grime to be removed and for the mask to really get in to the skin. So steaming your face before using a mask is a great idea, or even just using a mask after a shower is better .

Using the right masks – Read the instructions and find out if its suitable for your skin type. Lots of us get carried away after hearing fab reviews about a product but everybody’s skin is different and has different needs. I have also been known to buy a mask because I like the sound of the scent only for it to do nothing for my skin.

Try multi masking – This is swiftly becoming the new buzzword in skincare yet is something that has been used in profession facials for years. The idea is to use different masks for different parts of your face. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it, you may have an oily t zone yet dryness on your cheeks. So you mix and match the face mask you use on different areas.

I found the only way to do this cost effectively is to buy tubes or jars of facemasks as opening multiple sachets is really wasteful.

Give your masks a new home – Not that much of an issue if you have single use sachets as they are for only one use but if you have jars ,. you might want to rethink where you store your masks. The warm and damp conditions of a bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria. A cool dry place is the best place to store your masks and keep them fresher for longer.

Bring it down – Don’t forget to apply your mask to your neck and even the top of your chest. These areas are often neglected and are also are one of the areas that show the first signs of ageing. They can also be prone to blemishes as well so will benefit from a good pampering.

Get tooled up – using a brush to apply the mask helps with precision application, which is a must if you are trying out multi masking, it also stops you applying too much and wasting your mask. Also using your hands could spread bacteria giving you pesky blemishes.

Tone, tone, tone – Using a toner after a mask is really important, a toner restores your skins natural PH balance. It also helps lock in all the benefits of the mask you just used.

Don’t reclog – It can be really tempting to apply more moisturiser after a face mask especially if you have used one made to dry out oily areas. However don’t lather your skin in serums and moisturisers this will only reclog pores. Keep it light and use no more than usual or you will just filling up your pores with lots of product.

I hope you found these tips helpful and your skin can reap the rewards of your facemask. Let me know if you have any tips for making the most of a face mask? Do you use a facemask regularly? I’d also love to hear your facemask recommendations. Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x