The art of smiling – why I disliked my smile and my choice to change it.

I’m a big believer in doing what makes you happy. In fact, this year one of my resolutions was to do just that; stop letting fear and worry take over and to look after myself inside & out. I’ve joined the gym and attempted to tackle my inner issues head on . I’ve made time to reflect on how I’m feeling and what I actually want. Some of you may think this is really irrelevant or petty but a major part of me being happy is to be happy in my own skin and wanting to really smile!

One thing that’s always bothered me is my smile. I have what’s called a hypermobile lip which means my lip rises much higher than normal when I smile revealing more of the gum.which really isn’t helped by my thin top lip.

For years I’ve spoken about doing something about it only to be met with disapproving looks and comments along the lines of what a waste of money you look fine. Making me feel vain and silly for letting it get to me. But the truth is it really bothers me.

Unless you have actually met me face to face chances, are you wont have known about it. It’s bothered me so much, I find myself covering my mouth, controlling my smile and not really smiling in any pictures.  If  someone catches me unaware and gets a snap I guarantee I’ll hate it. I am always conscious of people looking at my mouth.

Over the years my gummy smile hasn’t stopped me getting boyfriends or people saying I was pretty. I’m engaged to the gorgeous Dave, who is always telling me how beautiful he thinks I am. I wasn’t looking to get it fixed to be more attractive to other people. (anyone shallow enough not like someone because of showing a bit more gum, isn’t worth the time of day anyway.) I just wanted to finally feel good about something that constantly played on my mind.

So after years of thinking about it, I thought enough is enough. After some online searching I read about the use of Botox to help reduce the look of a gummy smile. If something as simple as a few injections can make me more confident. It’s worth doing!

I really wanted any treatment I underwent to be carried out by a health care professional. Your face is something you can’t really hide and after reading how injecting in slightly the wrong place can cause unwanted and sometimes deforming results. I wanted to reduce any risks of it going wrong by getting the experience and knowledge of a reputable cosmetic practioner.

I spent weeks searching through all the different clinics, scrolling through pages of reviews and recommendations.  When I came across Illuminate skin clinic. Although it was further away than most of the clinics, I was contemplating,procedures are carried out by Dr Sophie, who has won many awards, has amazing reviews and is well known in the industry. Even creating her own formulation of Botox. I got straight in touch.

After chatting away to Ellie the clinic coordinator, I was booked me in for a free consultation. I was really nervous but both Ellie and Dr Sophie made me feel really comfortable. After a long discussion, Dr Sophie agreed I’d be the perfect candidate for Botox to reduce the rise of my upper lip and possibly lip filler to help fill out my lips.

Although slightly scared, I had total faith in Dr Sophie and knew she had understood what my fears were. I wanted to still look natural and still have my own smile, just improved. After a couple of visits and a few injections later, I was well on my way to finally feeling comfortable with my grin.

So here are my amazing before and after pictures. Although my smile isn’t totally gum free, I have become so much more confident in myself. It still looks natural and looks better than I could have imagined. If you are looking to get a non surgical confidence boost I can’t recommend Illuminate Skin Clinic enough.

I hope this post helped you understand why I wanted to get Botox and lip fillers. I will be talking much more about the procedures and results in this series of posts. So follow along to find out more.

If you have any questions or would like to see a post about any part of the process just let me know by commenting below. Are you really conscious of your smile? Do you suffer with a gummy smile? Have you had any non surgical procedures? I’d love to hear all your thoughts

Lots of love,
Laura x