Must Have Nude Lip Combo

For lipstick lovers nothing brings joy like finding the perfect lip duo. I first saw this combo when scrolling through Pinterest and it was so stunning. I knew I had to have it in my collection.

I’m not usually a fan of matte lipsticks as my lips are naturally really dry and they just emphasise the dryness. Due to my parched lips, I have avoided the whole liquid lipstick craze that has taken over the beauty world at the moment. I’ve sat on the side lines feeling envious of you smoothed lipped lovelies with your perfectly applied matte lips. So purchasing a liquid lipstick, even one as beautiful as Pure Hollywood, was a bit risky as there was a high chance I wouldnt end up wearing it.  Yet what’s life without a little risk lol.

The Rimmel lip liner in Cappuccino, on the other hand I knew I would wear it again and again. Rimmel’s Lip products are some of the best on the high street and a real bargain at only £2.99! I love mixing and matching shades and this will go with so many of the shades already in my collection. The brown shade is perfect for creating the 90’s nude look which I’m a massive fan off.

Whether you simply line your lips with Cappuccino and apply Pure Hollywood or mix the two together the results are beautiful and a must have for any nude lipstick lover!

Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverley Hills, described as a light – medium peach with a hint of pink.

Cappuccino by Rimmel, described as cool nude brown.

I love them both individually but together they make the ultimate nudey brown.

After a while my lips did start to look a bit crispy. To target this I simply pressed a clear lip balm over the top or you could pop a thin coat of clear gloss over the top. So if you are prone to drier lips like me then I really recommend carrying a balm or gloss with you for when your lips feel a bit parched. I have been loving this combo and been wearing it constantly, if you are looking for a glamourous nude lip you cant go wrong with these two.

What are your go to nude products? What are your fave liquid lipsticks? Do you suffer with dry lips as well? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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