Switch up your make up for Spring!

Now the weather is finally warming up and the days are lasting longer,it’s a great time to start swapping our winter make up products for some more summery bits. Most of us swap our darker hued lipsticks for softer shades and pick brighter nail polish colours. However there are plenty of other ways to help get a more summery look such as ditching the heavy matte formulas for light weight dewy bases. There’s no better time to start swapping your stash or adding some new make up pieces to your basket.

Lighten the base!
Switch your heavy duty foundations for a lighter base. Let your skin shine through and use concealer to add to any areas that need extra coverage. A colour correcting cream is great for evening your skintone and even layered under your normal foundation for any nights out. Grab a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to add a light sheer coverage that will smooth out your texture and brighten your complexion. Found your perfect match of foundation? Mix with some moisturiser and voilĂ  you have a sheerer foundation.

Ditch the matte!
When the sun is shining nothing looks better than soft glowing skin, Ditch the matte formula bases and reach for the dewy finishes. If you have oily skin you can still wear a glowing base without looking like a sweaty betty. Lightly powder your T zone or any areas that get oily during the day to stop the make up sliding. If your conscious of looking too shiny grab some blotting papers for easy touch ups on the go.

Trade the contour for a sunkissed complexion!
You don’t have to stop contouring altogether but it can look a bit harsh for the day. Use a Bronzer to warm up the face in areas the sun would naturally hit the face. Such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and forehead. Apply in a 3 shape to still get the definition you get from contouring. Can’t bear not to look chiselled? Lightly sweep a slightly darker shade than your bronzer under your cheekbones for a more natural contoured look.

Substitute your powders for cream formulas.
A face full of powder not only runs the risk of looking cakey it can be really ageing. Switching as many of your powder products for cream formulas will help give you a youthful complexion. Cream blushers have improved vastly in the last few years and now have a lot more staying powder. Really not a fan of cream blushes or have oily skin.? Try to find soft buttery powder blushes rather than anything chalky which looks heavy on the skin. Alternatively you can lightly set the cream blush to keep it from shifting out of place.

What products do you usually gravitate towards in the summer months? Do you regularly change up the products you use depending on the time of year? Will you be implementing any of the tips suggested in this post? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x