Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette

Cocoa Blend - Eyeshadow palette - Zoeva - matte - metallic - pearl - satin - review - swatches

Over the years I have leaned much more towards the cooler toned eyeshadows, yet after the Christmas period ,where I got rather obsessed with cranberry eyeshadow and gold shimmer, I wanted to add to my warmer eyeshadow collection. I had seen the Cocoa blend eyeshadow palette by Zoeva on lots of blogs and thought it a beautiful palette but as it’s on the warmer side I didn’t pick it up. With my new found love for warmer tones I knew where to head first.

When I think of Zoeva I automatically think of their gorgeous array of make up brushes. I knew they also did make up but I often over looked them in favour of other brands. However I wont be making that mistake again. All the shades are beautifully pigmented and you get a gorgeous mix of colours, In a great combination of finishes. On top of that the palette is really reasonable priced at £18.00 on Beauty Bay.

The palette is lightweight and cardboard, yet still looks chic. The brown and gold square pattern adds an air of luxury to the palette. Although it’s without a mirror its something I don’t really miss as I mostly do my make up with my big mirror in my room. If I am on the go I can easily use one of the mirrors in my other palettes. I’d rather spend less on a palette than have an added mirror anyway.

Our ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Palette results out of a world of sweet sins. Inspired by warm truffle colors, delicate nougat shades and shimmery marzipan tones for a seductive glamour makeup.

Bitter Start – A semi matte light beige with a slightly warm undertone.

Sweeter end – A peachy pink with a hint of lilac, with a gold shimmer.

Warm notes – A warm cranberry with a metallic finish.

Subtle end – A warm golden brown with a shimmery finish.

Beans are white – A semi matte Dark brown with neutral undertones.

Pure Ganache – A bright metallic orangey gold.

Substitute for love – A medium orange- brown with a matte finish

Freshly toasted – A medium to dark reddish- brown with a matte finish.

Infusion – A matte dark chocolate brown with golden glitter particles.

Delicate acidity – A medium taupe shade with warm undertone and a pearl finish.

I adore this palette and can’t believe the quality especially since its such fab value. The eyeshadows are really easy to work with and although you may get some fallout with the more metallic shades, its no biggie. With the palette you can create a really wide range of looks from a bright day look to a sultry smokey eye. I’m sure this wont be the only Zoeva palette in my collection.

Have you tried any Zoeva make up products? Which shade in this palette are you lusting over the most? Are you tempted by any of the Zoeva palettes? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x