My Jolie Candle Giveaway

Scientific research has found women are predisposed to like candles. It makes sense prehistoric woman would see the flames as a source of warmth and security keeping the dark and beasts away. So it’s really not our fault especially when you pop the gorgeous array of scents now available into the equation.  Not one to disappoint scientists lol I’m a massive candle lover!

I personally adore creamy and sweet scents. Although to be honest it really depends on the room but I’m normally drawn to vanilla or food scents. I knew as soon as I saw the caramel macaron scent* on the My Jolie website it would be just up my alley! I wasn’t wrong the scent is beautifully rich yet with a hint of sweetness. You don’t even have to light the candle for the scent to lightly fill the room so  with a burn time of 35 hours you  get to experience the delicious fragrance for ages

Each candle comes in a sweet little box adorned with little cartoon pictures of the scent. which is also featured on the label.  It’s a really lovely touch and gives the glass jar a hint of colour. If the gorgeous scents and packaging isn’t enough the candle also contains a unique handmade piece of jewellery. You can take a look at the full collection on their website My Jolie Candle.

My Jolie Candle, a delectable scented candle with handmade jewellery hidden in each candle is – worth melting for.

◆ Every scented candle contains silver jewellery made with Swarovski Elements 
◆ An exclusive collection of 100 varieties of jewellery
◆ A chance to receive a candle containing jewellery made of gold and diamond(s) worth £200, £1000 or £5000.

Which adds a really sense of excitement as you wait for the tinfoil to be revealed and get to peep at your hidden gem. especially since you have a chance to bag yourself a piece of jewellery worth up to £5000!!! unfortunately for me I didn’t find a diamond. However I did find this cute little silver bracelet with its sweet little cloud like charm and pink Swarovski crystal. It’s really charming and unique piece that looks ever so delicate and elegant when on your wrist.

These candles would make a lovely gift for a loved one with scents for all tastes. Or if your a candle lover a piece of jewellery is an extra special treat for yourself! And luckily for you the lovely people at My Jolie candle  have given  a lovely orange blossom candle for me to give away! In perfect time to give for Mother’s day! Simply enter below and Good Luck.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

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