Get valentines stiletto nails at home!

I love playing around with my nails and coming up with different designs. So with it being valentines this weekend, I thought why not have some fun and knock up some themed nail art. My natural nails are quite short and I have a small nail bed so not the best for nail art. So when the mood takes me I pop on some fake nails from the high street. I find I can get a much more professional looking finish as I can paint them beforehand,getting rid of the age old dilemma of one hand looking much better than the other.

The nails I used today are Elegant touch stiletto shaped, in the shade totally bare, perfect for getting creative. It can sometimes be hard for girls with smaller nail beds to get stick on nails. However this set which contains 48 nails is great as it has a lot of smaller sized nails.

To create the look 

Match up the nails provided in the set to your own. You can use the file provided to file down any nails to give a perfect fit.

On the two index fingers nails paint a sparkly silver shade. I used  a shade from H&M called “Jo is in the house”. Give them as many coats as it takes to get an opaque finish.

Paint the remaining nails in a light whitish pink, giving them two coats. I used LancĂ´me Vernis in Love nail colour in the shade 301m.

Once dry create two heart shapes on the ring finger nails in white. To do this, paint two dots next to each other and drag the nail varnish down to meet at a point using a thin nail brush or a tooth pick.

When the white had dried, use the same technique but with smaller dots inside the white heart using the sparkly silver shade.

On the thumb nails, place a line of crystals along the bottom of the nail. To do this I pop some of the glue provided in the set, on to a bit of card. Using tweezers dab the back of the crystals into the glue then place on the nail.

On the little fingers and middle finger nails you can create another line of crystals or like me just pop one right at the bottom in the middle to tie the whole look together.

Give all the nails a lick of top coat. When they are dry get sticking your salon style nails to your own for a irresistible valentines look.

  Have you created any valentines nail art looks? Do you get your nails done at a salon? Do you change your design choice depending on the season or holiday? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

If you recreate this nail look I would love to see them or your own valentines nail designs!

Lots of Love,
Laura x