Trend Alert – Glowing Skin

Without doubt 2015 was all about 90’s brown lips, bold brows and of course contouring. Who knows what mini beauty fads 2016 has in store for us but one trend that is set to last the duration of 2016 is a glowing healthy looking base.

Already seen all over the catwalks, this trend harps back to yester year when less was more. Although I’m sure I’ll still be knee deep in products and taking hours to get ready lol. Unlike strobing (lets be real highlighting) the look is much more natural. The aim is for the skin to look as if you are glowing from within. It’s all about trying to create the perfect looking base without masking your skin. No cake face allowed this year girls its all about trying to look fresh and luminous.

Everyone and his brother will be bringing out new textures and formulas to mirror the ‘no make up’ base look. Heavy duty and matte foundations will be swapped with dewy lightweight textures and serum style formulas.

If you’re shaking in your boots at the thought of parting with your matte base, fear not I will be posting a how to get the look guide in a few weeks. So keep your eyes peeled for that and in the mean time it’s time get moisturising.

After a last years clown contouring and heavy full coverage make up, will this trend have you rethinking your daily look? How do you feel about this shinier skin trend? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x