Party Coffin nails at Home

Are you a fan of nails short and natural shaped. or are you a squared nail fan maybe a part of the Long pointed clan? No matter what camp you’re in, this could be a trend you may want to try.

Nail shapes are a massive part of getting the perfect manicure whether at home or in the salon. Women tend to be a fan of one nail shape and stick to it. Yet with a new nail shape swiftly gaining in popularity it appears the most fashion conscious are trying out this new style. First seen a few years ago the trend is really taking off and is perfect for the party season.

The original stiletto nail isn’t at all for the faint hearted and even if you love or hate them,they aren’t very practical for day to day activities. This trend takes on the length and shape of the original stiletto yet instead of the deadly point the end has been bluntly cut.

When creating my own design I wanted a mixture of red and gold to celebrate it being the Christmas season. Obviously I couldn’t resist adding a touch of sparkle as well!

False nails – Broadway Long length
Glue – Nailene Ultra Quick
Red nail varnish – OPI I’m not really a waitress.
Studs and gems – Ebay

I created mine at home by filing the long length Broadway nails into shape before painting them a deep red shade from OPI. I then added small golden square studs on the little finger nails and middle fingers. Next I added a bigger stud to the index fingers and creating a line of big studs on the thumbs. On the ring fingers I added a mix of clear and gold diamantes.

I personally love them and think they look stunning. Although still not the most practical they are more so than the original stiletto and are a good middle ground for die hard fans of any nail shape camp. I’m really enjoying my latest glamorous nails and think I maybe converted to the coffin side.

What do you think of the blunt stiletto? Which camp do you belong to? Will you be trying out this trend? Do you like my nail design?

Lots of Love,
Laura x