F&D wax melts

This time of year when the nights are dark and cold I find myself nesting more than other times of year and love making my home smell amazing, it really helps create a homely warm environment. Like millions of us the world over I’m a big lover of candles yet never really ventured into wax melts until now.

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous wax burner complete with a mixture of two scents of soya wax melts from F&D wax melts, which you can find on twitter here. A fabulous company set up by the lovely Angela. Angela creates an amazing array of scents based on your favourite perfumes and scents,using the highest grade perfume duplicate fragrance oils.

I received some pretty little heart melts in the style of Joop which is a scent I love and reminds me of an old friend who has recently moved away ,so smelling that scent is a wonderful way of feeling close to him. I also received some little flower shaped ones in the style of one of my all time fave scents Angel. Perfect for this magical time of year.

You pop a melt onto the wax melt burner and as the tea light candle below melts the wax ,your room is filled with the aroma. Both the scents are beautiful and easily fill a room and I think the scents lingered longer than a candle scent does. Another massive plus is how gorgeous they look I love how the cream little burner looks and the little candle inside gives off a soft glow ideal for creating a relaxing and cosy mood in any room.

If you are looking for a first rate gift for a loved one or for a little treat for yourself I can’t recommend Angela’s charming melts enough. All orders are custom and handmade so give her a tweet with any questions or requests. You can also email her at fdwaxmelts@aol.co.uk

Have you tried wax melts? What perfume or aftershave style wax melt would you love? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x