Clarisonic Smart Profile

As time goes on I find myself investing more and more in skincare. Prevention is much better than cure and as the years roll on I want to take much more care of my skin. After all it’s got to last me a lifetime. So I have been really making a effort to keep up my skincare regime but this has been made so much easier by my now Holy Grail skincare product the Clarisonic smart profile.

A few months ago  I was sent The Clarisonic Smart Profile facial and body brush.* I have done a first impressions post which you can view here but I wanted to update you on how I’m getting on as it is a real investment piece.

One of the reasons I normally give up on my skincare routine is due to pure laziness, who has time to spend ages every morning and night going through ten steps of a regime. Yet I can honestly say I have found sticking to my routine so much easier since getting this. It cleanses and exfoliates in one easy step and the whole face cleaning cycle takes only a minute. It also beeps when its time to move on to the next area of your face so you don’t even have to be concentrating whilst cleaning your face (which we all know is hard when your sleepy).

I have normal to dry skin so I only use the facial brush once a day normally at night when I’m taking off my make up. I can suffer with visible pores across my nose area and cheeks. as well as dry patches of skin and my skin can often feel slightly uneven and bumpy. Yet I feel all of these problems have greatly improved since continued use of the facial brush, which I put down to the buffing and deep cleansing of the brush. Once a week I use the turbo button to give my skin a more powerful deep cleanse and exfoliation.

Clarisonic Smart Profile is smarter, easier, more powerful cleansing for smooth, beautiful, radiant skin from head to toe. Removes long-wear makeup 11x better than hands alone. Cleanses age-accelerating pollution 30x better than hands alone. Provides superior exfoliation for accelerated skin renewal on all body zones.

Smarter: Smart technology enables the Smart Profile device to read the two new smart enabled brush heads and automatically adjust timing and power for the optimal head to toe cleanse.

Easier: Replace brush head indicator illuminates to prompt you when it is time to replace the brush head.*

More Powerful: Amplified power boost removes makeup 11x better than hands alone delivering superior cleansing results.

I normally use the body brush head once a week before tanning to remove any dry skin. My tan applies much easier and my skin is softer than ever. The patches of Keratosis Pilaris (bumpy areas like chicken skin) that I have on my thighs is much less noticeable, which for me if amazing as I’m always looking for ways to smooth out these annoying little bumps. I’m so impressed I have started to increase my use of the brush to two times a week. Fingers crossed I will continue to see a vast improvement.

Although not cheap I wouldn’t be without it now. My skin is glowing and is smoother than ever, I’m over the moon with this and if you have similar skin issues to me I recommend giving this a go the results are amazing. I feel so much more confident without make up on and my make up looks better on my smoother skin. All in all I would say it’s worth every penny.

If you are considering a Clarisonic you can view the Smart profile brush as well as the rest of the Clarisonic range on the Debenhams site.

Lots of Love,
Laura x