Killer lipstick combo

Today I thought I would share my ultimate killer lipstick combo! If you know me u won’t be surprised to see both the lipsticks used are from Mac! I’m a bit of a Mac lipstick obsessive, I could possibly have an issue but let’s just pretend I’m in control of my lipstick hoarding ways!


The whole brown nude 90’s lipstick trend is just up my street! I think it looks fabulous with so many different eye looks and especially with my go to smokey eye. It brings a normal natural makeup look bang up to trend. Looking fashionable as well as sophisticated.
I was straight on, the now cult status Velvet Teddy bandwagon. It has become a constant companion on my daily travels. However the shade can be a bit dark for a day look especially if you want to play up your eyes. Also when my lips are feeling a bit dry I think the matte finish clings to any chapped areas. So I started playing around with my lipsticks to create my own perfect combo for the look I was wearing. 
This is when I grabbed my classic go to mixer myth! I have always loved myth yet can find it ab it too pale especially when I’m not all made up. Its also a little uninspiring on its own, so I am always layering it with other lipsticks.

Mixed together you get a mid browny nude. With the satin from Myth softening the texture of Velvet Teddy’s matt finish. I think the mix is really flattering and looks less harsh than the darkness of Velvet Teddy on paler skin tones. I just find this a lot easier to wear than both the shades separately. I can just pop the combo on and know it looks good. 

I am addicted to this look and find that I’m nearly always wearing this combo since discovering it. Whenever I wear this people are always asking what I’m wearing. Even the gorgeous Emily from British Beauty Addict has added them to her wishlist, after trying them together.

What do you think of this combo? What 90’s brown and nude shades are you in love with? What is your go to lip combo? Do you prefer the shades on their own? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x