Natural Eyes Palette


I’ve had my eye on this palette since I first saw it a good few years ago. Although I’m so glad I waited as they did away with the old cardboard packaging last year and replaced it with a tin version. The tin version is so much more practical both for protecting the eyeshadows and to wipe down when it gets a bit grubby.

I got this awhile back now and find myself reaching for it more and more. The magnet fastening tin comes with a pink printed lace design with gold detailing. It looks extremely feminine and pretty, I’m a massive fan of the too faced packaging they always get it right in my opinion. The tin is really hardy and can take a bit of a battering which is great if you want to take the palette with you on your travels.

You also get a mirror which is hidden behind a pamphlet which gives a detailed guide on how to create three different looks using the shadows. The shadows are placed in the pan in order of the looks and in rows of which shadows you use in each look. I don’t often stick to these looks as I love to play about with the colours. They are however a fab addition to the palette and each of the given looks are beautiful.

Heaven – A off white cream shade matte colour.

Cashmere bunny – A warm toned medium brown with a matte finish.

Sexspresso – A dark warm to neutral toned brown matte shade.

Silk teddy – A soft pinky champagne with a golden shimmer finish.

Push up – A rose gold with a bronze toned shimmer.

Erotica – A matte neutral toned dark brown with light gold glitter.

Nudie – A warm toned light brown with a matte finish.

Honey Pot – A soft metallic gold with a strong shimmer.

Chocolate Martini – A matte deep warm toned brown with a bright gold glitter.

All the shades have great colour pay off and are really blendable. Sexpresso is the hardest to work with but not to the degree I wouldn’t use it. It’s just slightly chalkier than the other shades in the palette which are quite creamy in consistency. The glitter shades have can have a bit of fall out but that’s to be expected with glitter particles.

Unlike a lot of palettes, where I find myself loving a few shades more than the rest and end up with some barely touched shades. I adore all the shades in this and my main issue is which shades to use today. If you are a massive natural and smokey eye fan this is one palette you need to check out.

Have you tried the natural eyes palette? What do you think of Too Faced products? What is your fave natural eyeshadow palette? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of love,
Laura x