End of Summer nail design

With summer coming to an end and the warm weather and sunny days disappearing. I thought I would make the most of the last few days of summer by giving myself a real summer themed nail look, before I start wearing plums and darker shades.

I picked one of the colours I have been wearing most this summer and that’s orange. The shade I choose is the ultimate in summer colour, a neon shade from China glaze called flip flop fantasy (the name speaks for itself.) If a holiday could be bottled it would be this shade. Neons look amazing with a tan and as the sun disappears this is the perfect shade to pair with any colour you have, or with your fake tan if you’re like me. 

Full Cover Nails, Active Length Square – Nailene £8.49

Flip Flop fantasy – China Glaze £5.75

White Nail art pen – Barry M £4.99

Striping Tape – Ebay 99p

Clear Diamantes – Ebay 99p

Good to go Top Coat- Essie £8.99

When I’m doing nail art, I found the easiest way to get a professional finish is to use fake nails. I can paint and decorate them before glueing them on, So both hands look as good as each other. I like to use Nailene Full cover nails in Active Length Square. 

  • I measure up the nails to make sure they fit my own and set them in the order of my nails.

  • I then painted all the nails in Flip Flop Fantasy. Once dry I gave them a second coat.

  • Using a nail art pen a drew on a white triangle with on each both thumbs and then filled them in.

  • With sliver glitter nail tape I then used the point of my triangle as a guide and after leaving a gap of a bout half a centimetre from the white triangle. I created a upside down V shape. 

  • I also added two small strips of tape along the top of both the nails I’m using for my ring fingers.

  • I then prep my own natural nails by cutting them short, filing the edges down and roughing up the top layer of the nail with the buffer you get with the set of nails. 

  • I then add a dab of glue on each of my nails and firmly push and hold down the nails for a few seconds.

  • To finish off I then popped a tiny crystal diamante at the base of the triangle. Then to bring the the whole look together I added a diamante to the base of every nail.

  • To seal the nails I then pop a coat of Essie Top coat. 
And I’m done!

I think this is a fab and fun look perfect to round off my summer with. I will definitely be creating this look or something very similar next summer. Until then I will have to come up with some designs to see me through to next year.

What nail colours have you been wearing this summer? What do you think of my summer nail design? Have you either tried at home false nails? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x