Zoella Beauty tutti fruity- Fresh Fizz Bar

If you watch Youtube, you will without doubt have heard of Zoella, After becoming the queen of Youtube and having more followers than many A-listers, Zoe then turned her hand to designing a line of beauty products. Due to the success of her first range, Zoe has recently added a new selection of products.

Her new range are a selection of pamper products with a distinct fresh and fruity scent hence the range being called Tutti Fruity. Not only do they smell good enough to eat they come in equally as gorgeously girly packaging. The range starts from £3.00 and the most expensive product being the body mist which is £8,00. Which is fab pricing especially since a lot of her fans are younger.

As a self confessed beauty addict it was going to be a struggle to not purchase at least one of the products considering how good they smelt. I picked out the fresh fizz bar as I love nothing more than a relaxing bath, so this seemed like the perfect product for me to try out.

The bar comes in super pretty green colour with pink polka dots and bright pink lace style detailing. It without doubt has a Zoe feel to it! You get 4 individual cubes which are imprinted with Z’s and cute bows.

Drop a chunk into warm running water to start your fragrantly fizzy bath. This adorable treat will transform your bath into a fragrant, fruity soak to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised.

So with my bath running and my candles lit I popped a cube under the tap. It started fizzing straight away and it gave of a a fresh and citrusy scent. The scent isn’t to overpowering but does fill the room. Once finished fizzing which didn’t take too long unfortunately, it leaves the water ever so slightly cloudy. The water was very soft and felt amazing on the skin. I live in a hard water area so really did notice the difference. I laid back and enjoyed a divine bath.

After the bath, I felt so refreshed and my skin felt really silky. The only thing I would change would be the longevity of the fizz other than that it is the perfect way to relax on a summers night. Hopefully Zoe will add some more products in the winter with a wintery scent as I’d love to add those to a steamy bath when the temperatures drop again.

Have you tried any of Zoella’s products? Did you prefer this range or the original? What are your fave pamper products? Which products do you love to pop in your bath? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x