rub a dub dub give those brushes a scrub!

Nobody enjoys cleaning and washing your brushes is a chore that nobody wants to do. Do you put off washing your brushes till your make up brushes could grow their own legs? Or are you a ditcher? Throwing away your older brushes when they get clogged up rather than giving them a scrub. Well no more! Washing your brushes can be much easier and cheaper than you think.

All you need is some baby shampoo and your sink! Although there are plenty of products available to help wash your brushes with  sprays, cleaning mitts and shampoos,these aren’t necessary to achieve clean tools. Between washes I do use a cleaning spray but nothing beats a good deep clean.

What you need

  • Your dirty brushes (obviously)
  • A bowl preferably not a deep one.
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Your sink
  • A tea towel.

How I do it

  • It’s easiest to wash your brushes in the bathroom or kitchen as you need running water. I prefer to wash my brushes in the bathroom.
  • Firstly rinse the bristles of your brushes under the tap,to help loosen the old makeup and dirt.
  • Fill up your bowl with warm water and add a couple of squirts of baby shampoo.
  • Swirl your bristles into the soapy water, Be careful to keep the ferrule (metal part between the handle and bristles) out of the water! As this can loosen the glue, ruining your brushes.
  • Gently rub your brush against your palm to help remove all the dirt and get a bit of a lather
  • Rinse brush.
  • If water still isn’t clear repeat the washing process, until it does.
  • Then lay your brushes on a tea towel to dry off.
Your Done!!!! 
Once your brushes are dry they are ready for you to use!

Why its so important
Washing your brushes increases the life of your brushes and clean brushes will give a better finish of make up. With continued use brushes not only get blocked up with makeup, they also pick up dirt, oil and bacteria, so your brushes soon become a haven for bacteria. So regular washing of your brushes will help keep spots at bay!

Its recommended that you wash your brushes every week. Although I am guilty of putting it off!! So if you are like me and think this seems a bit like too much work,.there are a lot of spray cleaners available cheaply online to use in between your deep cleans.

What do you use to wash your brushes? How often do you give your brushes a deep clean? Do you use any cleaners inbetween your washes? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below!

Lots of Love,
Laura x