Fake Tan Friday – Sienna X Q10 Bronzing mousse

Today’s trip into the bronzed world of tanning sees us trying out an industry leader! Sienna x made famous by its celeb following and use on strictly. Sienna x regularly wins awards not only for their at home products but also in the salon and spa sectors.

I was sent the Q10 tanning mousse* and balance body wash by the lovely people at sienna X. The tan comes in a 250ml golden can with sienna x written in pink on it! It looks like a professional product with a girly feel. The metal can adds weight to the product making it feel like a high quality product. as well as keeping the ingredients fresh.

The tan is described as a mousse which is one of the easiest ways to tan in my opinion, especially for beginners. However it’s so much more luxurious than most mousses I have used. With an almost whipped cream like consistency, the mousse expands quite a lot so you actually use a lot less product than it appears. I been using this for the past few months and I still have some left! Obviously I can’t tell how much as its a can but I haven’t had any lighter mousse come out implying it’s running low.

When you first apply the colour guide can be quite scary as it’s really dark! However the dark colour guide makes it so easy to see where its applied. However when you wash off the guide colour you’re left with a natural and golden tan. The formula itself is really easy to move around the skin and extremely blendable, so this combined with the dark colour guide makes it’s almost impossible to end up with a streaky or patchy result.

Packed to the roof tops with natural ingredients such as blackcurrant, Vitamin E and pomegranate. as well as Q10 which helps fight the signs of ageing. After use your skin fills silky and moisturised which I think is down to these ingredients.

The tan has a sweet fruity smell, it reminds me of the fruit salad sweets. Perfect for giving u that summer feeling! With no dodgy biscuit scent at all!

I really recommend using the prolonging body wash between tanning. As my tan lasted an extra few days by using it before needing to be scrubbed off.  Also it faded so much less so I will definitely be purchasing that again, with the tan. Without use of the wash the tan lasted 4 days which is great but with it prolonged it to a whole week. One thing I really loved is its easily scrubbed off for me to start the tanning process again. rather than with other tans  which I have to scrub myself raw to get it off.

If your looking for a salon tan at home this mousse couldn’t make any easier to achieve.

Have you tried sienna x tan? What method of application do you find easiest to apply? What tan have you been using lately? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love, 
Laura x