Bounty Candle

Just before Christmas I won a Gemporia giveaway which included this gorgeous Bounty Candle. Like most women I’m a sucker for a beautiful candle. I love the relaxing lighting given off by a burning candle and of course the gorgeous scent.

One of my all time favourite sorts of candles are ones in jars. They last forever and you get a pretty jar to reuse once they have finally finished. So this massive jarred candle was a joy to behold. It came in a really pretty and calming scent of vanilla, peach and amber. It even fills the room with its scent even without being lit.

Even though I have had many different candles during my time. This was my first jewellery candle, I had seen these online before and thought It would make the perfect gift for a loved one. Not only do they get a fab candle but within the wax is a piece of jewellery for them to discover. My candle is from the company Bounty Candles. Their candles are handmade scented candles with a hidden piece of genuine gemstone jewellery in every jar.

Somewhere within the candle is a secret piece of jewellery which is guaranteed to be GENUINE gemstone set in either Sterling Silver or Gold. You might bag yourself a Diamond, Sapphire or Emerald!

As soon as I saw my silver wrapping in the candle I dove in with my tweezers eager to get a peek at my bit of jewellery. I quickly unwrapped it to reveal a gorgeous amethyst stone set in a rose gold plated sterling silver ring. It really is stunning piece and after checking on the site found I was now the proud owner of a ring with over 2 carats of real amethyst.

The candle only costs £35 ,which compared to a lot of designer candles is good value especially when you consider that you get a pretty piece of jewellery included. The candle itself has a burning time of around 150 hours!!! I have been burning mine for roughly 10 hours and it looks barely touched.

I’m already looking into buying my next candle the only issue I’m having is what scent to go with! Have you tried any jewellery candles? Which of the Bounty Candle scents would you go for? What do you think of my bounty?

Lots of Love,
Laura x