BBlonde Maximum Colour toner in Silver

I have always been pretty adventurous with my hair. So it was only a matter of time before I delved into the pastel and metallic hair trend. I have been oohing and ahhing about it for a while now. Then out of blue I was emailed by the fab people at BBlonde and asked if I would like to try one of there toners, As soon as I saw they had launched a new silver shade I jumped at the chance.

In the box you get a golden bottle of toner. Taking a peek in the bottle you see a sparkly purple liquid. However it is actually more of a liquidy gel which makes applying much easier.

Refresh and improve the condition of your hair whilst adding a stylish silver shade of colour. Easy to use and protects and conditions whilst colouring hair. This colour toner adds soft silver tones that last up to 8 washes.

The toner is perfect for those who are naturally or already blonde and just want to spruce up their shade. Or for the more daring who have just prelightened their hair and want to get a shiny new colour. With my roots coming through anyway I thought I’d go for it and hit the bleach.

BBlonde recommend not using a conditioner before use so your hair can soak up the colour. Then on towel dried hair slap on the bottle of toner from root to tips. I used two bottles as my hair is quite long and would definitely recommend more than one bottle if your hair is shoulder length or longer. After massaging the colour in pop your head in a plastic cap ( I used a plastic shower cap) give it a blast of heat from the hair dryer for 5 mins. Then leave on for up to half an hour depending on the depth of colour you want.

I left mine on for 20 mins as my hair had just been bleached I knew my hair would take the colour quickly. You then rinse until the water runs clear I then popped in a conditioning treatment before rinsing and leaving my hair to dry before styling.

So here is what my hair once dried and styled looked like!

I absolutely love it, its a pretty, shiny, light silver shade! I love how multitonal the finish is and the softness of the silver. I will definitely be using this again although I cant wait to try the pink toner from the range! To get your own silver toner take a peek at the BBlonde Website here.

What do you think? Would you join the silver fox clan? What pastel or metallic shade would you like to try? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love, 
Laura x