The new miracle cream – theCream

If you haven’t already heard about theCream from The Pink Cow Brand, then you soon will! This award winning Organic collection of skincare, is swiftly gaining fans from beauty experts and lovers the world over. They are gaining such notoriety due to the use of no fillers, no added water and 100% natural ingredients. As well as the range having no added rubbish, The Pink Cow Brand is the first company to use colostrum as its main ingredient.

The range was developed by Denie Hiestand, a natural health consultant, author, research expert, and former successful New Zealand dairy farmer. Denie has spent decades studying the skin and toxins/chemicals in everyday cosmetics and personal care products and identified a strong link between the high usage of chemical personal care products and the growing rates of cancers, infertility, hormone imbalances, allergies and various other modern day illnesses.

In response to his patient’s requests, Denie set about to create a completely pure and natural range of skincare products which not only contained none of the harmful additives found in the majority of commercial products, but equally importantly, contained life-giving, cell nourishing ingredients which feed and nourish the skin.

I love the idea behind the product and the fact that the ingredients are natural. I definitely do worry about the amount of chemicals I put on my skin. However as always I’m slighty sceptical about a new miracle ingredient. So why is colostrum such an amazing discovery in the skincare industry.

Colostrum is:
  • The most powerful, cell building and complete all natural ingredient known
  • Produced by female mammals for approximately 72 hours after birthing
  • Is not milk, but rather the starter of all life, and completely recognized, accepted and utilized by our cells
The biologically active components of Colostrum have been shown to:
  • regulate the functioning of the immune system
  • limit the deterioration of cells associated with the aging process
  • assist with cell growth and reproduction
  • regenerate various types of tissue, including skin

After reading all the claims I was really excited to give the new buzz cream a go. I have been using the face cream* from the range for the last few months to give it a proper trial.

The Cream is scent free and comes in a white tube, which has the Pink cow logo on it and is dispensed by a small easy to use pump. The packaging looks clean and pretty yet most importantly it’s sturdy enough to be thrown into your overnight bag without any leakage.

Due to its super concentration I only needed the smallest amount. Literally I have been using half the amount of the product that I was using previously. Although it’s not the cheapest skincare product around, So one tube should last you a long time. Two little pumps is enough for my whole face and neck easily.

Even after a few uses I noticed a difference to my skin. As discussed in previous posts, I’m lucky with my skin. I don’t really have many issues with it. Since I been using it my skin is so soft, My partner even commented on how soft my skin feels.

I’m not usually one to jump on a skincare bandwagon. As everyone’s skin is different so what works for one might not work for others. Yet I can’t deny the results. I love how nice my skin is feeling and it looks reivalised and hydrated. My skintone looks more even and dare I say it younger. Not that I have full on wrinkles but my skin feels plumper and fresher. I can’t comment on if it will clear up problem skin. However if you suffer with dry and sensitive skin, I would without doubt recommend this.

You can get your own from The Pink Cow Brand here.

I’m totally sold on this cream and am dreading running out of it. Have you heard of the cream? What do you think of the use of colostrum? Will you be giving this product a go? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x