Fake Tan Friday – TanOrganic Oil

I was recently sent this tanning oil* to review by the gorgeous people at Tan Organic. I have tried lots of different self tanners in my Fake tan Friday series yet never an oil so I was really excited to give it a go.

If you haven’t heard of tan organic before they are a tanning company that focuses on providing it’s customers with a natural looking high end tan, that is ethically made ensuring the workers are free from exploitation. as well as all its ingredients are not tested on animals. They strongly believe in supporting organic farmers and the environment. Because of this they are the first self tanning company to be Eco – certified.

The Oil comes in a brown glass bottle which unlike plastic containers doesn’t allow any chemicals to leak out and mix with the product. Which is amazing! The glass bottle and a wooden lid give the product a really high end feel. As well as looking classy in any bathroom it is perfect match for the natural ethos of the brand.

I was really unsure if I would enjoy using a tanning Oil. The whole process seemed like it would be a lot of faffing and quite messy. I was also really worried that I wouldn’t be able to achieve an even finish, especially when I saw the oil was colourless. Hence why I don’t have my usual comparison pic. I instantly had thoughts of a tanning disaster, How could I be sure I’m applying it evenly? However the oil does leave a glistening to the skin as you apply it. So it wasn’t as hard to apply as I expected. It does take longer than with a mousse or lotion yet the results are beautiful. If you’re not a confident tanner then mixing the oil in with a moisturiser is a great way to keep track of where you have applied it.

The next thing I noticed was the scent, It smells like a normal natural body oil. Not highly perfumed to cover the fake tan scent. It didn’t really have a overpowering scent at all and if anything was really quite pleasant.

My skin was left feeling softer and hydrated than it has after use of any other tanning product. So this is the tanner I would recommend for those with drier skin types.

The colour is super natural and gives a light golden tan, that looks anything but fake. I love the shade and think it gives a really flattering glow to the skin. Which is perfect for fairer skins that have a tendency to look orangey or for a lighter tan in the colder months. If you’re like me and prefer a darker shade then all you have to do is apply another coat the next day till you get the depth of shade required.

The tan fades gradually without becoming patchy or disappearing completely after one wash. I’m really impressed with this tan and if you want a natural looking long lasting tan then this is definitely worth ago. Especially if you have dry or fair skin.

You can get your own here.

Have you tried TanOrganic? Have you ever tried a tanning oil? Which tan are you loving at the moment?

Lots of Love, 
Laura x