YOSO Lash curler

Today’s post is all about Yoso heated eyelash curlers*. One of my make up bag staples is an eyelash curler. They can make a real difference to your lashes and open up your eyes. I have owned many different eyelash curlers but never a heated pair before.

The curler comes with a detailed instruction manual and a hygiene brush to make cleaning your curler a breeze. The curler itself is sleek and easy to store in the form of a pretty golden wand no bigger than a normal mascara wand. Meaning the wand slips neatly into your makeup bag without any problems and runs off of a battery so you can take it with you on your travels.

It only takes a minute to heat up and doesn’t get so hot I’d be scared to apply near my eyes. Its really easy to use all you need to do is hold the heater against the root at a right angle and after a few seconds remove. I  tend to find 5 seconds is enough and gives real long lasting results. The fab little heater at the top is great for reaching the tricky inner lashes and it also has a comb which is great for separating your lashes.

YOSO say:
This heated eyelash curler creates a dramatic uplift and a long lasting curl for your lashes. The main heater allows lashes to be swept up and curled, whilst the unique small point heater tackles the tricky corner lashes for maximised dramatic volume. Finish the look by combing through to add precise definition. The compact and slim design makes this beauty pen a suitable addition to any make-up bag and also features a handy heat indicator, letting you know when the pen is ready to use. The YOSO LASHES will ensure your eyelashes stay defined and curled for longer than usual; perfect for your special night out or simply to keep you looking bright eyed through a busy day.

One of the things which really sets this apart from a normal pair of lash curlers. is the way it gives a natural curl with out  harsh angle that you often get with metal curlers. The curl also lasts a lot longer than with normal curlers. From now on it’s heated curlers all the way for me.
You can get your own from The Beauty Crowd here and at only £15.99 not only does it out perform my normal curlers it also is a lot cheaper.

Lots of Love,
Laura x

Do you use eyelash curlers? Which do you own? Have you used heated curlers? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below!