Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment

I love long and lustrous hair yet my constant bleaching and dying of my hair often leaves it looking lacklustre and dry. Even with regular trims, I find my hair needs a helping hand to looking its best. So when asked if I would like to try Simon & Tom Moroccan treatment* I was more than willing to give it a shot.

The oil comes in a dark glass bottle and looks of extremely high quality. It also comes with a pump which is a god send meaning you don’t waste any product and can add as little or as much as you need. The oil itself is rich and golden, I find I need a lot less product than with other brands.So this bottle will last me a much longer time. It has a really pleasant scent, that lingers on your hair till the next wash which is fab.
I’m a big fan of oil hair treatments and find they add shine to even the most dull and damaged hair. However I do find some leave your hair quite greasy looking if your hair isn’t that damaged however after trying on my mums much healthier hair this wasn’t at all the case with this product. Proving that this is the perfect hair oil for all hair types not just damaged parched hair.


Simon & Tom say:
Do you suffer from hair that is lack-lustre, greasy, over-processed or frizzy?
Are you struggling to manage the condition of your hair and getting fed up of trying product after product that fails to deliver on its promises?
Simon and Tom’s Moroccan Treatment is proven to produce noticeable results that make looking after your hair a pleasure once again. 
Shine is restored, condition visibly improved, your hair has more life and bounce with a healthy texture, all meaning that your hair is your crowning glory once more. You will find it easier to style, full of strength and vitality, and back to how you always wanted it to be.
When your hair looks this good, you feel that good too and your confidence is restored once more. Not only will you see a noticeable difference, but others will too, and in no time at all, your hair will be strengthened, frizz-free and restored to its crowning glory.
Simon and Tom use only self-produced 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil as a main ingredient in all of their premium beauty products. 
Known to make a difference to the hair that others will notice, Simon and Tom are proud to use it in all of their products. They make it their mission to only ever use the highest grade of Argan Oil that is produced by Simon & Tom, knowing that by doing so you are guaranteed to see and feel the difference. And unlike their competitors, they make sure that each and every product contains as much Argan Oil as they can fit in, knowing that by doing so, the results it brings will exceed your expectations.
See the difference Moroccan Argan Oil can make to your daily beauty regime with Simon and Tom’s range of 100% natural products.

  • Moroccan Treatment is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for ALL hair types
  • Produces remarkable results day after day for beautifully smooth and conditioned hair
  • Restores shine and softness to damaged hair and increases its elasticity and inner strength
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair for all day long protection and frizz resistance
  • Its unique formula includes blend of natural nutrient rich ingredients such as Argan Oil

I have tried cheaper hair oils and as soon as I stop using them my hair goes back to its damaged state making me think they are more of a styling aid rather than a product that actually improves the condition of your hair. So to really test the claim that this hair treatment restores inner hair strength I stopped using after a few weeks and I’m blown away. My hair is still much more manageable and my broken hair feels less frizzy. In general my hair feels silky and looks much healthier. So although there are lots of cheaper products I would recommend spending the little bit extra for long lasting results. Obviously I am now using again after every wash! 

If you’re looking for a product that really does what it claims, then this is for you! Simon & Tom is available from amazon for £29.90 you can get yours here
Lots of Love,
Laura x
Do you suffer with dry and damaged hair? What hair treatments do you use? Have you tried this hair oil?