Lauren’s Way – Dark Self tan Bronzing Lotion

If you read my blog regularly then you will know I’m a fake tan addict! After trying Lauren’s Way 60 solution which I loved and you can read all about here. When Lauren’s Way asked if I would like to try their Dark self tan Bronzing lotion*, I was really excited.
When first applying I admit I was a bit scared as the colour is DARK.  Yet as soon as you start to smooth out the lotion, it blends to a much lighter, less scary colour. The formula is smooth, not at all sticky and really easy to blend, which is brilliant. The guide colour makes it easy to see if you have missed any bits, so no white patches. It dries really quickly leaving me with a instantly dark golden tan. The speed in which it dried really impressed me as lotion tans tend to take that bit longer to dry.

One of my favourite things about this tan that makes it stand out above others is the scent! There literally isn’t one! when applying it gives off a slightly citrus scent yet not as strong as with the 60 minute tan. Yet when you have washed off the colour guide you’re left totally scent free! Meaning that it doesn’t at all interfere with the scent of your body lotions or perfume.

Lauren’s way say:

For a flawless, luxurious tan, LW Dark Self Tan Bronzing Lotion is a silky smooth, rich formula that leaves skin looking radiant.
Perfect for parties, this Self Tan Lotion dries instantly and adds plenty of glamour to your look!
The LW TAN Dark range is fab for medium/olive skin tones. Dark gives a deep, bronzed colour in just one application.
Tanning experts will truly appreciate this deluxe, advanced formulation from LW! 

My skin felt so soft and nourished, even before applying moisturiser. which for my already slightly dry skin is amazing. It gave an even flawless coverage, that lasted a whole week. Without going patchy or uneven it just faded slightly more after each wash.I have been using this for the past month or so and still haven’t found any faults in the formula or results. I’m so impressed and with the party season coming up this is perfect for a natural flawless tan. I know I can apply this and not worry about any tanning disaster.

Have you used any Lauren’s Way products? Which tanning products do you use? Do you prefer a lotion or another tanning method? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below!

Lots of Love,
Laura x