Ombre, Sombre or dipdye?

The Ombre look is still a firm favourite with the A list and is a hair trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. With three main variations of the look, from the subtle faded look of the sombre to the bold contrasting dipdye. Which style should you be asking for at the salon? Do you know your Ombre from your Sombre?

What it means – A french term which means shaded.

What it is– A multi-tonal hair affect in which the ends are significantly lighter than the roots. The contrast from roots to end is stark yet the change should be gradual with slight blending. Balayage highlights can be added to help blend the shades.

The look – The aim of ombre to give a grown out sunkissed look.

What it means – a subtle/soft version of ombre

What it is – A subtle graduation from a darker toned root to lighter ends. The difference is much less notciable than with ombre with the shades picked being less stark in difference. Bayalage highlights are often used to take the lighter and darker through the hair.

The look –  A natural subtle grown out sunkissed look.


What it means – A two toned or multi tonal effect where the top half of the hair is a totally different colour to the ends.

What it is – The top half of the hair can be left natural or coloured. the ends can be any shade as long as it’s a different colour from the ends. There is no blending giving a stark contrast in hues.

The look – The look gives the impression the ends of the hair have been dipped into dye.

I hope this guide helped you understand the differences between the three different looks. I’d love to hear which you like best. Are you sporting any of the above trends? Who do you think pulled off each look best? Will you be changing your hair to any of these trends? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x