Makeup Revolution – Disappear till tomorrow palette

Make up Revolution is a bargain brand I’m loving more with each product I try. The latest product I have tried is this gorgeous palette called Disappear till tomorrow.

This palette has a total of 16 shades, 14 of which are eye shadows and two shades for the eyebrows. The colours on the palette are a range of glamorous shades in matte pearl and shimmer finishes. The shades are perfect for a variety of looks especially smokey eye looks. You don’t get much of each shade but they are quite pigmented. Even the mattes which are the least pigmented shades, only take a couple of swipes to become opaque.

Shade 1 is a soft warm off white with a pearl finish.
Shade 2 is a warm toned light pink with a pearl finish.
shade 3 is a warm based light caramel brown with a matte finish.
Shade 4 is a smokey warm toned light taupe shade with a strong shimmer finish

Shade 5 is a medium warm brown in a matte finish.
Shade 6 is a light copper with a strong shimmer.
Shade 7 is a medium antique gold with a shimmery finish.
Shade 8 is a medium bronze brown shade with a pearl finish.

Shade 9 is a dark bronze taupe with a strong red shimmer.
Shade 10 is a dark brown/ grey with a strong shimmer finish.
Shade 11 is a dark brown/black with a golden sheen to its pearl finish.
Shade 12 is a Silver Blue with a strong shimmer finish.

Shade 13 is a Silvery white with a high shimmer finish.
Shade 14 is a dark brown with a golden bronze shimmer finish.

The last two shades are intended to be used for eyebrows.
Shade 15 a cool golden blonde.
Shade 16 a cool dark ash blonde.

Overall, I really like this palette. The shades are really beautiful and I would without doubt use them all so it is a real bargain at only £4.00. Anyone who loves a smokey eye look, should definitely give this palette a go. You do get slight fallout with some of the more shimmery shades but that’s the only fault I can find. The palette can give you endless looks and it is really compact so you can easily slip it in your bag, lessening the need for lots of palettes on your travels.

Have you tried any of the Make up Revolution palettes? Which bargain eye products would you recommend? Which of the above shades do you love?

Lots of Love,
Laura x