Anna Sui Lip color palette

This gorgeous lip palette from Anna Sui* is currently on offer at Escentual. where you can get it now with 50% off . The palette has 10 highly pigmented shades from a shimmer clear shade to a deep red. This palette has something to suit everyone and a shade for all seasons.

One of the first things that stand out is the stunning purple packaging and intricate gold detail. The packaging in also adorned with beautiful red roses and pretty butterflies. This is without doubt one of the prettiest palettes I own. Making it perfect for a gift for a loved one or for yourself hehehe.
One of my favourite things about palettes is that the amount of looks you can create are endless. The first shade is perfect for wearing on top of the other shades for a glittery finish and you can mix the other shades for countless colour combos.

Shade 1 is a shimmer gloss with non gritty silver glitter particles.
Shade 2 is a light peachy nude with a high shine finish.
Shade 3 is a warm peachy honey.
Shade 4 is light bold orangey coral
Shade 5 is bright cherry red.

Shade 6 is blue based bright pink
Shade 7 is a light blue based bright pink
Shade 8 is a light bold coral red.
Shade 9 is a bright perfect red.
Shade 10 is a dark reddish brown.
The shades are really beautiful and are fully opaque after just a few sweeps. They all  feel really creamy and moisturising on the lips. The only issue I did have is the lip brush that came with it had a few fraying hairs but I prefer to use one of my other brushes anyway. Other than that I love this palette and look forward to working my way through all the shades.
What do you think of the palette? Which of the shades do you like the look of most? Do you own any lip palettes?
Lots of Love,
Laura x