Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Soap and Glory - Thick and fast - Mascara - thickening mascara - make up - review - volume mascara
I love Soap and Glory’s skincare and body products. I haven’t really tried their make up range and I have heard amazing things about this mascara. I was really excited to give it a go. I love thick and full lashes! Mega volume is a major selling point for me, and with this being its main claim. It was only a matter of time before I tried it.

The packaging is quite plain but chic none the less with Thick and Fast written in bright pink against the black high shine plastic tube.

Soap and Glory say:
This super volume mascara creates amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. Featuring SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers. *While we don’t feel it’s ladylike to brag, we’re feeling particularly bullish about our mascara. (And hope after trying it you’ll agree that it’s absolutely marvelous.)

The brush is a big bristle brush which  tapers to a smaller end which is perfect for getting into the corner lashes. The only issue I have with the brush is it takes on too much product but this can be easily solved by wiping off excess formula before applying.

I was expecting the formula to be too heavy to hold any curl but this doesn’t seem to be an issue, holding my curl for the day. It did take a little while to dry so maybe not for those in a rush as you will get black smudges all over your brow bone. Yet once it has dried you wont get any smudging at all which is great for us girls with watery eyes.

Soap and Glory - Thick and fast - Mascara - thickening mascara - make up - review - volume mascara
The formula is really glossy and jet black! I often get flakes with my mascara from applying so many coats but as Soap and glory claim this isn’t at all an issue. Nether is clumps yet I am not sold on this mascara I found it did separate every lash and give them a good coating.  but from further away looked rather grouped together  which  made me look like I had thick but sparser lashes! Its not a look I hate but not what I was expecting. The mascara did however really deliver on length and really opens up the eye.

I did like this mascara and will continue to use it as a day mascara as I love the natural full on fluttery look However the look is far too natural for my ideal mascara!

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? What do you look for in a mascara? Which mascara are you using?

Lots of Love,
Laura x