Make up Revolution – The one foundation

After being really impressed with the make up revolution products I have tried previously I thought it was about time I checked out their foundation range. Their foundation has had some rave reviews so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

It comes in a pretty and professional looking little bottle that is reminiscent of a small Mac Face and body.
The bottle is rather small but considering it’s only £4.00 its a real value for money! It has a droplet applicator which I really like. However the formula is quite runny so you do have to be careful that only the desired amount comes out as it does have the habit of running everywhere with the gentlest of squeezes.
Shaking before use is a must with this as it really is on the runny side. So you want to make sure the foundations ingredients are well mixed as this also thickens the formula slightly. It is quite sheer but can easily be built up for medium coverage. Its really blendable and even if built up it is really lightweight!

One of the things that impressed me the most about this foundation is the range of shades and tones available! The foundation is currently available in 16 shades which for a highstreet make up range is amazing. The shades range from white to a dark brown shade so you stand a really good chance of finding your shade. Or for the price if a normal highstreet foundation, you could by two and mix your own custom made shade. Also I was really impressed with the tones as it can be quiet hard to find a cool toned foundation but this range even has those.

This will be Your ONE Foundation. ONE shade for everyone Using Revolutionary fusion technology The ONE Foundation adapts to your skin tone and texture to give a flawless finish. Due to its liquid formula, it is easily build-able and applied The ONE Foundation gives full coverage resulting in a matte finish. Available in 16 shades to suit every skin tones.

The one foundation really left my skin with a beautiful finish not cling to any dry patches like many matte foundations and leaving my skin feeling soft and not caked in make up which I find to be an issue with cheaper foundations All in all I’m in love. For the price I’m blown away and if you are a fan of highstreet foundations then this is a must try.

Have you tried Make up Revolution yet? Which of their products do you have your eye on? Which highstreet foundation would you recommend? Let me know all your thoughts by commennting below.

Lots of love,
Laura x