Fake Tan Friday – Whitetobrown instant tan

I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to try a tan I hadn’t heard of before called Whitetobrown. If you read my blog or follow me on any social media you will no I’m a fake tan addict so I was really excited to give it ago!

The Whitetobrown instant tan* is a liquid and should be applied with the mitt provided. It comes in a clean white bottle with a minimal white to brown logo on it.
I have been slightly set in my ways and haven’t really used a lotion for a long time. As since I tried mousse tans I found they where much easier to apply and create much less mess. Although I do find that they don’t give as flawless a finish, or last as long as lotions and spray on tans.

whitetobrown’s instant tan gives the signature golden whitetobrown glow immediately, so you no longer have to wait for beautiful tanned skin! Fast-drying, easily absorbed and with a FREE application mitt, you can expect a natural and flawless colour every time.

The tan applies really easily for a liquid tan and the fact the liquid is quite dark means its easy to see where its applied and where you need to blend it more for an even and natural look. It is so easily absorbed and dries really quickly. It smells amazing almost like a cherry cough sweet. Although It gives an instant colour the tan takes 6- 8 hours to fully develop so you have to avoid any contact with water until then.
White to Brown uses an ideal pH balance which allows them to work in harmony with the DHA in tanning products in order to optimise your tan.


Once washed off you are left with a stunning natural looking golden tan that last 5 days on me before faded nicely and didn’t even go patchy. Unlike a lot of other tans I have used this doesn’t dry your skin out at all and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking like I actually have a natural tan. 
I absolutely love this tan and would definitely purchase. The fact that it gives such a professional, natural looking tan for such a low price is amazing! And the scent is just the cherry on the cake. I can’t wait to try out more products from the range. I cant recommend it enough, Its the most professional looking at home tan I have tried. You can get your hands on this for only £11.99 from HSDonline here.


Have you tried White to Brown? Which method of tan application do you use? Which tan are you using at the moment? 

Lots of Love,
Laura x