Fake tan Friday – Karora tinted self tan mist


As a tan addict I love finding new tans to try! I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to try Karora tan mist! After being much more adventurous in the types of tans, I’m using lately I was really excited to have a go at a at home Spray or mist.

I got the darker version as on a night out or at the weekend I would normally go for a deeper tan. Also with lots of my friends coming back from exotic holidays I feel pasty with even a medium tan. Normally when I want a darker tan. I build it up by continuous use of lighter tans at home. Which is hard work to keep it even and non- patchy, plus annoying! Or I’ll get a spray tan from a salon but that can work out really expensive.

The brand Karora, is from Ireland and has become a staple in high end salons and spas. One of the reasons being its products are filled with an amazing range of ingredients.and unlike a lot of other fake tans are free from skin drying chemicals.

Karora Say :
We promise to bring you fresh and flirtatious products always infused with the unexpected using super natural skincaring botanicals and formulas free from nasties

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the product looks luxurious and of really high quality. With the product feeling quite weighty and even the spray nozzle itself being well made and sturdy. No sign of leakage even after being used repeatedly.

The tan couldn’t be easier to apply simply spray the mist on your mitt, and apply to the skin. The colour guide makes it really easy to see where you have already applied the formula. It was easy to blend and didn’t leave me with any patches or streaks which can ruin even the most natural shade.
The mist  dried really quickly and instantly and felt really moisturising on the skin. The scent is lovely and doesn’t have the fake tan scent at all. The scent is citrusy and fresh smelling but it isn’t at all overpowering which I really like.


The shade is beautiful, leaving skin with a natural deep tan and a healthy sheen. One of my favorite things about this tan was how soft and supple it left my skin even days after first being applied.  I put this down to all the high quality moisturising ingredients such as aloe, acai berry, argan and coconut oil. It fades naturally with out any weird patches forming.

Deep dark bronze glow with skin conditioners for long lasting colour
Flash the flesh with some spot light stealing colour. A guiding golden tint gives instant glow gratification and develops into a dark Brazilian bronze glow that fades incredibly evenly. Botanical extracts lock in moisture guaranteeing complexion perfection and long lasting colour that fades incredibly evenly.

We make the art of dark easy with this tinted mist that creates an instant rich bronzed effect while our custom colour develops into a deeper darker natural looking tan.
Flash the flesh with this long lasting tan that’s got a perfect fade and is packed with skin beautifying botanicals and aromatic fragrances.

Being a darker shade easy and even application is one of the most important factors. As any mistakes are magnified, I can safely say this is one of the best tans around for an even olive toned tan! I really enjoyed using this and would without doubt buy this as I love the shade and how my skin feels.

Have you tried Karora? Which darker toned tans do you love? Which tan would you recommend for a dark tan?

Lots of Love,
Laura x