Fake Tan Friday – Laurens Way rapid self tan 60 minutes

If you’re a fan of fake tans you will have noticed Laurens way has been gaining in popularity over other tans in the past few years. While more and more of us are reaching for the tan our expectations are increasing.no longer will we put up with the orange patchy tans of yesteryear. As a massive tan fan herself Lauren Goodger knows what a tan user wants from a tan and has set about creating a range of different tanning products that tackle these issues.

The latest issue Lauren’s way are tackling is the amount of time it takes to fake tan. One of the things that is most annoying for tan users is the amount of time needed to prep for a tan and wait for it to develop. If you have a spontaneous night out you risk either looking patchy and orange or looking pasty.

Well now with the new Rapid tan getting a sunkissed look is quicker than ever before. With a light tan only take an hour to develop!

Laurens Way say:
Love having a tan but hate the developing time? Then our all new Solution 60 self-tan rapid range is the one for you.

This express self-tan bronzing mousse develops into a gorgeous golden glow from just 60 minutes, allowing you to choose your shade. Apply with a mitt then leave the tan on for 60 minutes before showering for a light tan, 2-3 hours for a medium/dark tan.
Solution 60 bronzing mousse is a velvety soft, self-tan formula which is easy to apply and can be used on both the face and body to provide a silky smooth glow.

This tan is available in both a mousse and a spray. I love tanning with a mousse as its so easy to apply with a mitt without any running or streaking. One of the things that also makes it easier is the colour guide which shows you exactly where the tan has been applied. So you can be sure you wont be getting a patchy tan with white bits where you missed a spot.

If this wasn’t good enough they have also tackled the age old problem of smelling odd after tanning. This tan is infused with citrus and fruit extract to give a fresh aroma. Although there was still a slight whiff of biscuits.

When you first wash it off you may feel a bit disappointed as it does look a little pale. What a rapid tan actually does is reduce the time you need to leave the formula on for. However once the formula is washed off the full colour will still be developing on the skin so your full tan will not be fully developed till 8 hours later. So dont be shocked if you start to look darker as the day goes on. So if you are going out I recommend tanning in the morning or the night before and then washing off and your full tan will be ready for when you want to dance the night away.

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The tan gives a natural sunkissed look which lasts a good five days before fading. It gives such a professional finish you look like you have been away for a few days. I really do like the quickness of the development time as it makes it so much easier to tan. I’d love to try a Lauren’s way lotion formula as I now much prefer the finish of a lotion.

Have you tried any of Lauren’s way tans? What do you make of celebrity tans? Have you tried any other celeb tans? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below!

Lots of Love,
Laura x