Bedhead Headrush Review- With before and after pictures

No matter what the hair colour one of the things that makes a girls hair look amazing is it’s shine. My hair has been every shade under the sun and I’m still forever changing it. This however really does take it’s toll on the health of my hair and nothing says healthy hair like a shiny head of locks.

When Chemist direct asked if I would like to review BedHead Headrush* I jumped at the chance after searching high and low for products that will help add a bit of sparkle to my hair.

It comes in a funky looking pink bottle with a lime green lid and looks high quality which is something I would expect from a brand as well known as TIGI. Like other Bedhead products It does have a strong scent but I love the fruity smell.

Shine Adrenaline with a Superfine Mist.

Super fine shine spray that will go straight to your head. This lightweight mist gives your hair extreme gloss with all-over coverage. 

– Adds depth to highlights and colour 
– Eliminates static 
– Smooth, healthy finish. 


It is weightless mist that adds a non greasy sheen without dragging your hair down. Which is perfect for me as I already apply products quite a few products to my hair. So its important that my products are light weight and not too heavy or my hair will look caked in product. I also like to be able to run my fingers through my hair and find many shine sprays add a sticky feel the hair shaft. This mist is really quick drying, it left mine soft to the touch. Almost like I had no product in it.

I use this on my dry already styled hair and it adds a natural glossy look to your locks. You only need the smallest spritz to add a healthy sheen but I love that it can be built up to a mirror like shine without looking greasy. I do recommend if you try this though to avoid your hair looking like it needs a good wash.

It wont add any hold but I don’t expect this from a shine spray. I have used in conjunction with a extreme hold hairspray and this still added shine a noticeable shine which is big plus. It does help tame flyaways but other than that it really just does what it says on the tin, add shine.

You can get your own from Chemist direct for £9.99

Overall I would definitely purchase this for myself in the future as it really has made a noticeable difference to my hair, It looks shiny and healthier plus it smells amazing! It looks even glossier when my hair has been straightened so I will without doubt be buying this when it has run out!

Have you tried Bedhead Headrush? What did you think? Would you use a shine spray? Which hair products have you been loving this summer? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x