Guide to foundations – BB and CC creams

This week in my guide to foundations we look at the differences in BB cream and CC creams. What they stand for and what they offer and what they wont do.

BB Cream = Beauty Balm Cream
Some brand’s refer to them as blemish balms but whatever the BB stands for the main thing they have in common is that they are all  multi-functional. They are most similar to a tinted moisturizer but with added bonuses removing the need for multiple products.

Most BB creams functions are
– Provide moisturization.
– Offer ever so slight coverage.
– provide some form of SPF protection.
– prime the face for further makeup application

Allegedly made by dermatologists for patients that had under gone laser surgery a lot of BB creams also offer extra soothing and skin healing ingredients. They feel creamy and moisturizing to the skin

They encompass the properties of

– serum
– moisturiser
– primer
– foundation
– sun cream

What it will do?
I personally wouldn’t skip moisturizing or popping on the serum however. BB cream is perfect for days when you don’t want the heaviness of foundation or for occasions where foundation isn’t really appropriate such as days at the beach. It will conceal slight redness and even out your complexion. It wont offer much coverage though so concealer is needed for anything more than very minor blemishes.

What it wont do?
Cover anything more than minor blemishes or slight dark circles. There is also a distinct lack of shades available so can be hard to match up to your skin tone. Also be sure to check the SPF as many only offer ever so slight protection which isn’t enough in sunny climates.

CC Cream = Colour Correction Cream
Some brands refer to it as Complexion Corrector’s. These are also multi-functional products that feel lighter on the skin than a BB cream but most offer more coverage. the aim of these creams is to target specific complexion issues such as redness and dull skin.

Most CC creams functions are
– To correct skin complexion colour issues
– Offer light coverage
– Provide some SPF protection
– Provide the skin with vitamins C and E
– Illuminate skins complexion.

Made to compete with the BB cream, offering more coverage for those who need it. Can even cover spots, age spots or slight skin discoloration. Is very lightweight and fast absorbing.

They encompass the properties of
– Moisturiser
– Colour correcting products
– Primer
– Sun cream
– Foundation

What it will do?
Again I wouldn’t skip on the moisturiser. Although the added vitamins are a big plus to the formula. CC cream is much more suited to people that need extra coverage such as people with acne or with skin discoloration such as age spots. It will even out your complexion and add radiance to dull skin.

What it wont do?
Like BB cream be sure to check the actual SPF in the product as it may not offer enough protection needed in sunny climates or for the summer months. Will offer light to medium coverage but wont compare to a full coverage foundation. So concealer will be needed for added coverage.

Will you be switching up your foundation for a BB or CC cream this summer? Which BB creams have you tried and loved? Have you tried a CC cream yet? let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

Lots of Love, 
Laura x