Put your Feet First – A guide to an at home pedicure

After months of keeping your feet wrapped up its finally time to ditch the woolly socks and get your sandals out of the wardrobe. After being stuck in boots and being neglected for months, you may be looking to give your feet a bit of pampering. So I created this guide on how to give yourself an at home pedicure!

This post will help you get your feet looking in top shape for the summer months. I have also included some products I recommend using while doing your pedicure. However you can still follow the guide and use any products you already have.

– First things first remove all of your old nail varnish and soak your feet in warm water to soften them and refresh them.I like to add Peppermint Reviving foot soak from The Body Shop £7.00 peppermint is amazing at  neutralizing any foot odour.

– If toe nails are long cut them to get t rid of the free edge. I think shorter toenails look much neater and cleaner. I use a nail clipper as it is easier to get clean cut, I recommend this combo set from Tweezerman £12.00. 

– File the nails straight across with an emery board  Don’t shape your toe nails as this causes ingrowing nails. I use Elegant touch professional nail files £7.50 for two. As they are prefect for filing toenails which are generally thicker and tougher than finger nails.

– Apply cuticle cream to the cuticles and massage gently into cuticles. I use Sally Hansens Cuticle massage cream which is a complete bargain at only £1.50.

– Soak feet in clean warm water to remove the cream.

– Apply cuticle remover cream with a cotton bud, be careful to only apply to the cuticle and not the surrounding skin. This cuticle remover from Mavala £9.40 is one of the best I have tried.

– Push back cuticles using a hoof stick in circular movements flat against the nail bed. My favourite is this hoof stick from Leighton Denny which cost £1.10.

– Rinse off all remaining cream.

– Use cuticle cutters to remove the debris of the cuticle. Only snip the excess parts of the cuticles away. Do not pull as this can damage the remaining cuticle and nail. You can get a bargain pair of cuticle nippers from Elegant touch at £4.09.

– Apply a foot scrub, All About Feet scrub is amazing at £6.99 to help remove any dry skin on your feet. If your feet have extremely hard skin you may need to use a foot file to help remove it, Body Shops file a foot is £5.00.

– Rinse off all the scrub then apply a foot cream and massage into both feet. One of my all time favourite foot cream is L’Occitane’s Shea butter Foot Cream £8.00

– Paint your nails a colour of your choice using a base coat and a top coat to prevent any chipping.

-If you want to give your feet an added treat once your nail varnish is dry smoother your feet in an overnight moisturising treatment like Heel Genius £5.00 from Soap And Glory. Then pop on feet softening socks from Bliss £29.49 while you sleep and wake up with silky soft feet. If softening socks are a bit too expensive pop on some clean cotton ones to help your feet breathe while soaking up the overnight treatment.

 After following this step by step guide your feet should be looking beautiful and feeling great! Are there any things you do in an at home pedicure that I haven’t included? Have you used any of my recommended products? Will you be prepping your feet for the summer months? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

lots of love,
Laura x