Nail First AID Kit

Are you nails looking a little worse for wear? I don’t no about you but when my nails are looking tip top I always feel better about myself. With the trend for bright and bold nails taking hold. You cant pull of the look with shoddy looking cuticles and hang nails. Obviously we all know the best way to improve your nails is to improve your diet but what products are the best to give you a helping hand in the quest for beautiful nails. So I created this First Aid Kit to help you, get the some life back in to your nails!

In your First Aid Kit I recommend the following:

Nail Strengthening Treatment
Help combat weak and fragile nails. You need to use continually for the best results, yet they are essential for those of us with weak nails. Nails are flexible and stronger without breakage. After trying lots of different ones. The only one I really noticed massive differences with is Nail envy from OPI £18.65

Cuticle Oil
Fix ragged and broken cuticles. These are amazing at repairing and nourishing the cuticle. Rub in to your cuticles every night to keep your cuticles healthy and stimulate growth.  My favourite is Butter London Handbag Holiday cuticle oil £13.00

Protein Base Coat
Improve brittle nails by using a protein enriched base coat. These will help your nails be more flexible without breaking while protecting your nails from the drying effect of nail varnishes. I recommend Protein base coat from Essie for £10.50

Crystal Nail File
Stop nails splitting and peeling. Use a crystal nail file instead of a emery board they are much more gentle and leave the nail edge much smoother. file nails in the same direction instead of sawing to and through to help keep the nails edge intact. My favourite is a crystal nail file from Leighton Denny for £15.50.

Nail Buffer
Smooth out those nail ridges. Not only does buffing smooth out any unsightly ridges the buffing they also supposedly stimulate nail growth. However If you nails are weak avoid buffing them as this will make them thinner by wearing away some of the nail layers. And always buff in the same direction. Pick up this bargain 4 way Buffer Block From Boots for £2.00

Hand Cream
Fix dried out cuticles and cracked skin. Help keep nails strong and healthy aswell as the skin around them with a rich and creamy hand cream. Using hand cream regularly helps moisturise your cuticles and aids healing to dry cracked hands. My favourite are Soap and glory Hand Food £5.00 and L’Occinane Shea butter £8.00

Did you enjoy this guide? what are your essentials to healthy nails? Have you used any of my recommended products, what did you think of them?