Mint Green and Gradient Silver Glitter Nail Art

This week I decided to go with another shade that is perfect for spring. It’s a light mint green from Revlon called Minted, its a gorgeous pastel shade. Revlon nail polishes are one of my all time favourites. The formula is ever so slightly runny but two coats gives you a really opaque finish. Also the formula doesn’t go gloopy after a few uses like other polishes.

To jazz it up I thought I would do a ombre style effect over it in sliver glitter. The glitter polish is from H&M and is called Jo in the house. I really love this polish as it is filled with high density colourful glitter particles.

To get this affect I applied two coats of minted to get an even opaque finish.

  • Once this has dried I then wipe the excess glitter off of the brush. I then painted over the top 70% of the nail leaving the bottom near the cuticle clear of glitter.

  • Once this has dried I then paint another coat of glitter half way down the nail.

  • Then over the top 20 % of the nail again to give a really intense finish of glitter.

  • Then once this was dried, I then give the finished look a coat of topcoat.

This is the finished result.

I think it gives a really pretty look and I will definitely  try this out with other colours. What do you think? Will you be giving this look ago? Do you have any Revlon nail varnishes?

Lots of Love,
Laura x