Guide to foundation – Type of foundations

Foundations come in lots of different forms and in order to choose the right one. It’s best to have a good overall idea of what foundations there are and skins they are best for. To find out what skin type you have check out this post “Recognising your skintype”

Liquid foundations 

Coverage – medium
Best for – most skin types (see below for specifics)

Liquid foundations contain a higher proportion of water and give light/ medium coverage. In some products the oil is replaced with alcohol, which evaporates leaving only the powder and pigment.

Alcohol based liquid foundation – Best for greasy or oily skin
Water based liquid foundation – Best for Combination/ oily skin
Oil Based liquid foundation – Best for Normal/ dry and mature skins.

Cream foundations

Coverage – Medium
Best for – Mature skin/ dry skin or slightly oily

Thicker than liquid foundation and one of the most common types of foundation. Provides medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage blends easily on the skin. Can be mixed with a moisturser to thin out when less coverage is needed.

Gel foundations

Coverage – sheer to light
Best for – skin requiring less coverage, such as tanned skin.

Gel foundations provide a light coverage that gives a really natural look. evens out tone and colour rather than adding alot coverage.

Mineral – powder Foundation

Coverage – Medium
Best for – normal/combination

A powder that should be applied in a buffing motion for a more natural look. Gives medium coverage without looking to heavy on the skin. Can be in loose or pressed powder form. Prefect for use with powdered blushers or bronzers. Can make tanned or darker skins as can leave skin looking to ashen.

Mousse Foundations

Coverage – Light/Medium
Best for – Normal /Most skin types/ sensitive

A foundation with an air whipped formula, they go on to the skin with a creamy consistency and dry with a matte finish. Really good for mature skin as it doesn’t settle in lines.

Stick Foundations

Coverage – Medium/Heavy
Best for –  Combination/Slightly oily

Perfect for traveling and applying make up on the move. Better for use in specific areas rather than all over for a more natural look. Originates form pan stick foundations yet less drying and not as full coverage. Yet can be hard to blend and to achieve a natural finish.

Pan Stick Foundations

Coverage – Heavy
Best for – Oily skins, blemished or scarred areas.

This foundation comes in a solid stick form and can be used as a concealer. Perfect for stage, photographic and TV work use as leaves skin with a uniform full coverage. These foundation’s leave skin with a matte finish and can be really drying on the skin.

Pancake/ Cake Foundations

Coverage – Heavy
Best for – Oily Skins, Blotchy, blemished skin or scarred areas.

Normally to heavy and drying for dry and sensitive skins. Made to stand up against the harsh lights of the film studios. Pancake foundation is water and can resist perspiration and is still popular in countries with extreme heat for this reason. Gives complete coverage used to cover blemishes skin discolouration and even tattoos. Can look really heavy and unnatural for day to day use.
Can be applied as thickly or as thinly as required by adjusting the amount of water on the sponge used to apply the foundation.

Which type of foundation do you use? Have you tried any and found they really didn’t work for your skin? Which is your fave foundation?

Lots of Love, 
Laura x