Guide to foundation – foundation finishes

Here is the next installment in my guide to foundation, Last week we looked at what you can expect from each level of coverage if you missed this post you can find it here. In this post we will be looking at the different textures available on the market! Although the brands might vary, with their terminology, foundations mostly come in the following four types of textures.

So to help you on your quest to find your perfect foundation, I have broken down these different terms so you can get an idea of what they mean, so you can decide which you like best,

Also known as Non shine finish, Powder finish.
Matte finish foundation has become very popular again in the last few years and is perfect for a classic french look. 

Finish it gives – Matte foundation leaves skin without any shine and a powder like finish

Avoid if – The powder finish often highlighting fine lines, so may not be suited to more mature skins. Also not great for those who have dry skin as the finish can make dry patches look worse.

Perfect for – Those of us with combination or oily skin, as it removes shine from the skin.  This is one of the most long lasting finishes so great for special occasions or events when you need your make up to last the test of time.

Also know as velvet finish, sheen finish, Cashmere finish.
The most flattering foundation formula. This type of texture is semi- matte giving a natural smooth finish.

Finish it gives – This gives skin a slight satin sheen, making skin look natural with an ever so slight glow. Not as shiny as Luminous or as flat as Matte.

Avoid if – This finish can be adapted to all skin types.

Perfect for – This sort of foundation finish suits most skin types. Set with translucent powder to make the foundation last. Those of us with slightly oily or combination skin apply more powder over T- zone to reduce any shine.

Also know as Dewy finish, Shimmer finish, pearlized finish.
Most popular for summer months. This type of finish doesn’t last as long as matte or satin.

Finish it gives – The skin is left with a shimmery glowing finish. Skin looks intensely moisturized and radiant 

Avoid if – You have large pores as the shimmery finish highlights them. Blemishes may also stand out more. If you have oily skin this may make you look too shiny even with a setting powder.

Perfect for – People with normal to dry skin as gives skin an added glow. Also great for adding radiance to more mature skin types.

High shine 
Although this is a type of finish it isn’t seen much other than on catwalks and in magazines. Often seen with a lot of highlighting.

Finish it gives – This gives a full on shiny, glossy finish.

Avoid if – You aren’t on a photo-shoot or strutting on a catwalk lol.

Perfect for – This foundation isn’t really suited to day to day life. Unless you like looking greasy or like your skins wet.

Now you know what the different terms mean and the result they should give, It should be much easier to pick a finish suited to you. Which sort of finish do you usually go for? Do you wear a different finish depending on the time of year? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x