AEOS Blue Gentle exfoliant

I was sent this Exfoliant* by Baobella Boutique which is a newly launched free members only online shop. Once you have become a member you get an amazing array of discounts and savings on the biggest brands in the beauty world as well as some of the best new to the market products.

The products are on offer for a limited time and once they’re gone you’ve missed your chance and some of the deals on offer are really too good to miss so sign up for your chance to get some fab beauty products at unbelievable prices. To sign up visit  However if you do miss a deal don’t despair as new fantastic deals are offered daily!

This exfoliant is one of the many products featured and isn’t a product I have heard of before. Yet after a few weeks use, I’m majorly impressed. If this is the quality of products on offer then us beauty fanatics are in for a real treat.

The brand uses a colour code system of pink and blue. You choose the colours on what your needs are. They  believe skincare should be chosen on a deeper level rather than a superficial level. For your skin to look at its best they believe in well being from within. They also only use 100% natural products and even contain liquid gems and crystals.

Pink is essentially the colour of kindness, caring, warmth – love. We could all benefit from a little more love and caring. Most of us do not allow ourselves the time or space to care for ourselves and more usually that caring energy is directed outwardly towards others – friends, family, loved ones. That of course, is commendable, but there does come a point when perhaps one needs to recognize that we need to replenish ourselves in order to be able to continue offering that same quality to those we care about.
If we really would like to look after ourselves, whether that is just our skincare, or through consideration of our whole being, the pink range of products may assist in encouraging and replenishing those pink qualities within oneself. AEOS pink products are enhanced with the crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubelite.


Blue speaks to us of the qualities of peace, serenity and nurturing, qualities that we all have need of in every day life. Our days are full of ‘busy-ness’ and extending out of ourselves. The blue gives an opportunity to ‘re-group’ and find some stillness within. Many people feel the need to be more at peace with themselves and their circumstances. 
Blue may help to find that aspect. Due to it’s calming effect the blue range is ideal for finding more peace and to help develop a more calm approach to their daily activities. AEOS blue products are enchanced with the crystal essences of amethyst, turquoise and emerald.


All sounds really interesting and quite different yet  does the product live up to £35.98  price tag? Well the bottle is tiny and I was worried that it would all be gone after 3 or 4 uses. However a little goes a long way. So the amount you get isn’t at all an issue. The fragrance is particular strong and is slightly over powering yet the scent is pleasant and does leave you feeling relaxed.

Use & Application
Blend a small amount of this product with water. Apply over the face and neck in a gentle circular massage movement using the finger tips, to gently exfoliate the skin. Rinse well with lukewarm water.
Either exfoliate morning or evening but NOT both. If hypersensitive do not exfoliate; Mature skin exfoliate 1 time per week; Normal / Dry / Sensitive skin exfoliate 2 times per week; Combination / Oily skin exfoliate 3 times per week.

I followed the above advice given by AEOS. As my skin is normal to dry I used it twice a week. Unlike most exfoliators the formula is very gentle and not gritty. Although gentle it did leave my skin with a deep down clean feeling.  It really made a difference to my skin and helped prep my skin for moisturisng. I found that my moisturser sunk in a lot quicker after I started using this, even on days I didn’t exfoliate.

This is definitely a luxury product After use I felt like I’d had a replenishing spa treatment so maybe there is something in using of crystals in the formula. I would love to repurchase, yet it is out of my normal price range. That’s one of the reason’s I’m so excited about Baobella Boutique! It is on offer for members, over the next two days. I can’t believe a luxury product worth £35.98 is available for only £8.99! What an amazing saving. I am so excited and will be stocking up immediately!

Have you tried this? What exfoliator do you use? Will you be signing up to Baobella Boutique? Are you already a member? Which bargains have you been lucky enough to get your hands on?

Lots of Love,
Laura x