Upside down Diet Coke Glass

This post is slightly different but I enjoy reading posts about things people have in their home! So I thought I’d share one of my fave little bits I have. So let me know if you’d like to see more of these posts!
I was given this diet coke glass the Christmas before last, by one of my best friends. I absolutely love it! It was the perfect gift for me as I love anything retro or unique for the home!

I was originally just using this glass as drinking glass for my normal diet coke. However it’s not the most practical of glasses and I was always worried I would smash it. So mostly the glass got used to serve a snazzy cocktail to one of my mates. Everyone who sees it always comments on how much they like the glass and how funky it is.

Yet a few weeks ago my beautiful mummy bought me some a little bunch of pink roses! All of my vases were too big and over powering for the sweet little posy. So I popped the flowers in this glass and  thought they looked really pretty. I’m so glad I did as I’m now going to use it as a cute vase for in the kitchen as it looks so kitsch and different!


What do you think? would you use it as a vase? Do you like retro looking things? Which sort of unique gifts have you received? Would you like to see more of these sort of posts?

lots of love,
Laura x