Rock an orange lip – Which shade will suit you?

One of the other key beauty trends this spring and summer other than purple is orange.
This trend involves natural looking make up with all the emphasis on the lips. Seen all over the catwalks and celebs this trend isn’t going anywhere fast.

Athough it can seem quite frightening when pulled off correctly the look is fun and stylish. Here is my guide to wearing this trend.

Match the shade to your skin

Tanned skins
Orange looks with tanned or olive toned skin. If this is you go bold and neon. For added wow factor try a matte bright orange. Go as bold and as bright as you dare!

Darker Skins
Richer and burnt orange shades look best against your skin tone. Matte or gloss you can wear it all.

Fairer skins
To stop the orange washing you out go for a softer tint or a lipstick with a hint of shine rather than an opaque matte. Opt for a coral or peach toned orange as this is most flattering to you skin tone. Pastel shades look really pretty as well.

Match pick an orange shade based on your skin tone.

To find out which skin tone you have check out this post What skin tone do you have?

Cool skin tones
To compliment the cool tones to your skin, go for a red or coral based lipstick

Warm skin tones
The best shades to go for are yellow or golden based orange colours.

How to wear it?

  • When wearing a statement colour like Orange its important to play down your eyes and let your lips do the talking. 
  • To really rock this look go for a natural look on the rest of your face a few lashings of mascara and a slick of black eyeliner should be as bold as your eye make up gets. 
  • If your going to wear a blusher go for a similar tone as your lipstick, Yet keep it light otherwise you’ll look like a clown.

Will you be rocking this trend? Have you got any orange lipsticks? Which colours will you be wearing on your lips this spring?

Lots of Love, 
Laura x