NARS Orgasm VS Sleek Rose Gold

I have already featured these both before on TeaseFlutterPout. Nars Orgasm is a cult classic and a blusher that I would really recommend I find the colour really flattering and really easy to use. Yet like all Nars make up it unfortunately doesn’t come cheap. You can read my full review of Orgasm here.

So as my go to blusher I am constantly on the look out for a cheaper version. After discussing this with many a beauty blogger and make up fanatic, one product kept coming up time and time again and that was Sleeks Rose gold. I have the rose gold blusher in my face form palette and as I stated in that review which you can read here. I am a big fan of the shade, I even say in the post that It is good dupe for Orgasm yet how good a dupe is it.?

I’m actually really shocked at the result as when used apart I would state they are almost identical. So how do they compare?

Consistency –
The texture of Orgasm is much more finely milled and feels much smoother to the touch. Rose gold is quite rough yet it isn’t at all chalky like you find with other cheaper blushers.

Colour –
Orgasm has much more of a pale pink base compared to the brighter almost coral shade of the rose gold. The shimmer is also much more pronounced in Sleeks Rose Gold yet in Orgasm the shimmer is a lot more subtle. However when blended they become more alike, with the shimmer being reduced in the rose gold and the coral becoming duller in colour.

Pigment –
The pigmentation in Rose Gold is amazing without doubt the most pigmented high-street blusher I have ever used. I’d say it is even more pigmented than Orgasm. Orgasm is a lot more of a buildable shade and takes a good few swipes to get a strong colour where as you need a really light hand when applying Rose Gold as its so pigmented.

Price –
A full size pan (4.8g) of Orgasm is £22.50
A full size pan (8g) of Rose Gold is £4.49

That’s an amazing £18.01 difference. Sleeks is not only the cheapest but you get almost double the amount.

Overall – 
I wouldn’t say these two blushers where exactly the same but each has its plus points and are beautiful shades in their own right. When fully blended they are similar yet more like sisters than twins. You can see in the pictures below that Nars gives more of a rosy shade where as Sleek is just that bit darker and more of a peachy coral.

Do you own either these shades? Which do you prefer? Do you think Rose Gold can be called a dupe for Orgasm? Let me know all your thoughts below.
Lots of Love,
Laura  x