The Righteous Butter

I can’t get enough of Soap and Glory’s products and this is one of my personal favourites. The righteous butter is a deliciously creamy Shea and Aloe Vera filled body cream. With the beautiful original pink scent.

Although I don’t find it as moisturing as body shops body butters the fact it dries so much quicker is much better for days when you can’t hang around like a oiled up chicken lol. Even though it dries quickly, it does still leave your skin feeling really soft and supple. Without leaving the skin greasy.

One of my favourite things about this body butter is the scent it’s lightly perfumed but unlike other scented body butter it lasts well on your skin. I also find although I love fruity scents of other body butters, they just don’t complement my perfume. I find the scents actually battle against each other rather than harmonise well together. Were as the original pink scent of this lotion works well with all of my favourite Perfumes.

Although not the most intensive moisturiser available the quick drying power and the fact it makes your skin feel soft and smell amazing makes this a must have.

Have you tried this body butter? What are your favourite soap and glory products? Which body lotions do you use religiously?

Lots of love,
Laura x