Which celeb do you weigh the same as? Superdrug spark controversy

Earlier today Superdrug launched a pilot range of scales with a unique way of telling you how much you way instead of the normal numbers you can now compare your weight with the A listers!

The scales were made in response to a survey in which people stated they often avoid the bathroom scales. These scales will apparently help us be more open with our weight as we can now state I’m the same weight as Beyonce or Gemma Collins!


With obesity levels rocketing they think by comparing our weight with celebrities will help us make informed choices about our weight. However this has sparked a massive uproar from the public and Superdrug have been branded irresponsible.

According to the article in the Daily Mail the celebrities featured on the scales are :
Cheryl Cole – 8st

-Kate Middleton – 8st 6lb
-Jessica Ennis – 8st 9lb
-Ellie Goulding – 9st
-Beyonce – 9st 4lb
-Rihanna – 9st 7lb
-Christina Hendricks – 11st
-Khloe Kardashian – 12st 1lb
-Adele – 14st
-Queen Latifa – 14st
-Gemma Collins – 16st
-Melissa McCarthy – estimate 18st

I personally think this is a absolutely appalling idea young women suffer with enough pressure to conform to the medias ideals without now comparing their weight to their favourite celebrities. I also think its disgusting that the focus is still on weight rather than a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. These scales don’t take into account height, build etc. so are giving young girls  unhealthy and in some cases dangerous weight targets.

What do you think about these new scales? Do you think its a good way to get us talking about our weight? Do you think its a dangerous way to measure our weight or do you think its a good idea? Let me know your thoughts!

Lots of Love,
Laura x